Khabib Nurmagomedov injures rib. Pulls out of Tony Ferguson fight.

This is getting out of hand.

Undefeated Russian and top ranked lightweight Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov has suffered an unfortunate rib injury and has pulled out of his Dec. 11th fight with Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson.

The injury comes as a huge blow to Nurmagomedov’s career after pulling out of two back to back fights with title contender Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone due to a torn meniscus. Nurmagomedov has not fought since last year after defeating now champ Rafael dos Anjos last April. Despite the setback, many still consider the 22-0 Russian to be one of the best in the game.

Sources close to the UFC say the promotion is now targeting Edson Barboza as a suitable replacement for the TUF 22 finale card which takes place in Las Vegas. Ferguson is riding a six-fight winning streak. The TUF 22 finale is scheduled to be headlined by Frankie Edgar vs. Chad Mendes.

White House hasn’t responded to Diaz petition but “we the people” may win regardless

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Kurt Angle not fighting- Huge announcement turns out to be not so huge

When Kurt Angle said there was a huge announcement coming from Bellator involving himself, most everyone assumed it was actually a huge announcement and that he was going to fight.


That doesn’t appear to be true at this time though, instead he’s just appearing at a Bellator Fan Fest event with some notable Mma names.



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Kurt Angle vs Ken Shamrock Bellator fight in the works?

imageThe two were suppose to fight years ago but Kurt wasn’t given enough time to prepare and then Kurt tried out for the Ultimate Fighter but had issues with his physical. Is Kurt now finally going to fight?

imageBoth men men teased major announcements and this could be it. If not it still appears Kurt may be facing someone else in Bellator.

Angle is the 1996 Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling, Shamrock was the first UFC belt holder. Both also had successful pro wrestling careers and used the “ankle lock” toe hold submission as their finisher.

Is this a 1 and done for Kurt win or lose? I’m sure time will tell.

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Michael “Venom” Page: “I still feel like a baby in this sport”

Bellator 144: Halsey vs. Carvahlo highlighted many of the promotions up and coming stars of the sport. Not the least of which was Michael “Venom” Page (9-0), one of the most dynamic and unorthodox fighters in the game today. Page took on Charlie Ontiveros (6-4) in a bout that, for the first time in Michael’s young career, highlighted his grappling set of skills. Less than a minute into the first round, Page found himself in the clinch with Ontiveros and not soon after completed a great takedown. The man known as “MVP” proceeded to maintain offensive positioning despite Ontiveros’ several attempts to scramble back to his feet. Page would eventually find side-control and finish the fight with an onslaught of elbows.

Michael Page would move his undefeated streak up to nine wins with eight finishes, and with another victory under his belt under the Bellator banner, moved the needle point ever more closely towards bigger and badder opposition. But just how soon is too soon? Many fans lit up social media following the victory and proceeded to discredit Michael Page’s opposition as of late, citing Ontriveros and those before him as unworthy opponents or “Cans” as the term has more famously been used. This all being despite the fact that every opponent that Michael has faced thus far in Bellator, has generally had a more experienced record than “MVP”. Michael Page joined me on the MMA Discussion podcast to discuss his progress as a fighter and to address the fans that wish to push him towards the limelight so soon:

“With a 9-0 record now, if I had just gotten to America now, people would have wanted to see me fight at least four more times before we even talk about titles or the higher up should I say. Guys with more credible names. But I made it over here to America very quickly, everyone’s watching my progress under a spotlight, so it means people are a lot more impatient. They want their questions answered now, and for me I still feel like a baby in this sport. I’ve still got so much to learn, and for me those answers will come in time. There’s no doubt that if I keep doing what I want to do, eventually the names and the challenges are going to step up.”

While Page may admit that there really is no rush, that doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t already ready for a big fight. Page knows the meaning of such a match-up and wouldn’t be opposed in the slightest to fight someone who would appear a lot closer to him on the betting odds.

“For me, I know, I’m confident on (whoever) is next.” Page said when asked what was next after this fight. “It’s just a case of people watching. They don’t know yet so if I get someone with a more credible name, it would prove to a lot more people that I am the real deal. It’s not like just 15 minutes of fame. I am going to be here for a long time. So anybody with that credible name that people respect in Bellator, I would like to see me up against them (next).”

Michael Page also spoke on the dynamic’s of his unorthodox style, what keeps him focused, his training, having his opponents change, and much, much more.

To listen to the full interview click here:

Lesnar reveals the one man stronger than him in the WWE roster

Brock Lesnar is an absolute freak athlete. He made the preseason NFL Vikings team after not playing since high school, put up scary NFL combine numbers (look them up), a peak bench press of 615 lbs according to Strikezone fitness center, and that’s not to mention his NCAA Division 1 national title or his UFC championship (2 defenses).image

Despite this, the beast reveals there was one guy in WWE that was stronger than him, the only guy who could beat him in arm wrestling was former WWE Champion- Kane.

Heres Brock’s statement From Dymatize Nutrition Magazine:

“Kurt and I competed against each other at EVERYTHING. We hated losing to each other, but it was all in good fun. We even wrestled in the back – he was a little weasel. That was our things, and it went on for a very long time. Even today, there is no way I will let Kurt beat me at something.

At one of the events, the guys in the back were all testing their strength through arm-wrestling and ‘mercy’. Most of them were there to ‘impress the divas’. I remember running through all of them, even Paul [Big Show], who had bananas for fingers. The only guy I remember being stronger than me and it pissed me off because I hated not being first, was Kane. No one in the WWE was as strong as that guy. Trying to slam his arm down was like trying to push over a tree with one arm.”

Kane is billed a 7 feet tall and 323lbs while most likely closer to 6’8 323. Of course arm wrestling doesn’t account for everything and doesn’t necessarily make Kane the overall stronger guy but it’s definitely something Brock will never forget.

And just putting it out there- I’m pretty sure Mark Henry would be the overall strongest. Maybe he wasn’t with WWE during these events.

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Minotauro- I have had 22 surgeries

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is known for his inhuman ability to take punishment and has been well known to not pull out of fights even injured.

He fought several Pride fights injured, fought Frank Mir when he was requiring knee surgery and shortly after he hospitalized for staph, he fought Schaub after being off crutches for only weeks after knee and hip surgeries.

He’s a warrior, whether fighting injured was smart or not. This doesn’t include the incredible damage he took in fights and kept going (see His Cro Cop, Herring 3, Tim Sylvia and Fedor fights for examples).


This year, following a loss to Stefan Struve (his third straight), Minotauro finally decided to hang up his gloves for good. Nogueira recently attended the sports and health conference in Rio and participated in a round table discussion promoted by Dr. Mario Tannure. During which Minotauro spoke of his injured

“I have done a total of 22 surgeries; I’m all broken,” Nogueira said with a laugh. “I started my surgery career early, at 11 years old when I was hit by the truck. However, the last five years were more difficult. I had eight surgeries. I have 16 metal screws in my right arm, from the elbow to the shoulder, and they are extremely painful at the beginning of a training camp and also when the temperature changes. I also had a surgery on my left arm and two on my hips. Those four surgeries were pivotal in my decision to retire.”

Dr. Tannure also commented on Nogueira’s injuries from first hand experience-

“When I arrived in Abu Dhabi for fight week, ‘Minotauro’ came to me and said, ‘Doctor, I was sparring yesterday when I heard a snap. I think something happened,’” Tannure said. “This was three days before the fight, and he entered the Octagon barely able to walk. I told him that few human beings would be able to fight with such strong pain. This guy is definitely a cyborg.”

Big Nog will always go down as a absolute legend. No one else has held both Pride and UFC heavyweight belts or has as many top ten wins as he does at heavyweight. Many only saw the passed prime and often injured Nog who competed in UFC. If so I urge you to watch his Pridefc fights.

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Photo credit- ZUFFA