Green Ranger to CM Punk- “he doesn’t want to lose to me”


Jason David Frank, the actor best known as a the Green Ranger from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, has been calling for a fight with UFC signee- CM Punk for nearly a year. It’s a challenge Punk has never answered other than saying “Shut the f@ck up” to the actor.

CM Punk certainly can’t dismiss the chances of the lifelong martial artist- JDF has 5 Mma fights- 4 as an amateur and one pro. His combined fight time for those 5 fights was less than 5 minutes- all wins.

Officially 1-0 as a pro, Frank seems convinced that Punk is afraid of him and decided to give one final call out. Here’s what he had to say.

“The only thing to save him is to get a great fight that’s going to pull the numbers in.”

“I think when he went into it, he wasn’t serious about it. It’s not the WWE and he probably talked a little bit too much and then went to camp and it was harder than he thought it would be. Maybe he’s second guessing himself. I know he’s supposed to fight but we haven’t heard anything about when it will happen. Where’s the buildup for the CM Punk fight?”

“I truly believe that he has it in his contract that he gets the last, final say on who he fights and he just won’t give it to me.”

“Because I already have fans behind me and he’ll lose to me and he couldn’t live with himself. Maybe he could lose to some no name and maybe he feels better losing to somebody else, but he doesn’t want to lose to me. That’s the bottom line.”

“He’s never going to be able to run away because one day down the road he’s going to have to face me. Even if I’m 50. And when I’m 50 I’ll still beat him. I’m in his head and he knows I’m in his head. I’ve already won. If I’m not in his head, respond back.”

It’s unclear if the fight will happen, but Dana did say they would be looking for someone with a similar pro record to Frank, and he has to love the potential marketability of JDF as well. Frank has 750,000 Facebook fans- far more than most UFC fighters and a fan made Punk vs JDS promo on YouTube already has over 1 million hits.

The UFC could give CM Punk a 1-0 unknown fighter or they could give him the well known 1-0 fighter who has already been promoting the fight for a year. The choice seems simple, but does that choice lie in the hands of CM Punk? And is CM Punk actually afraid of Jason Frank? Maybe the future will tell.

For now though, Frank will have to wait. CM Punk’s team has recently announced his plans for a 2015 debut are off due to injury. CM Punk’s new debut timeframe is another 6-10 months according to his head coach- Duke Roufus.

Eric Scott

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