Free Nick Diaz petition reaches incredible amount of signatures!

The petition to have Nick Diaz’ 5 year ban lifted has reached over 75,000 signatures on the official White House website!
At 100,000 signature the President or a representative of the President will address this situation publicly!

Nick was suspended a few weeks ago for failing a drug test for marijuana- his third offense. What’s baffling is the offense for this under the NAC’s own new tougher guidelines (that hadn’t even taken effect yet) the punishment should be a max of 3 years.

Even more controversial is the fact that Nick has a medical license for marijuana use and that Nick took 3 tests at once and only one failed. Despite the inconsistencies and Nick’s legal right to use marijuana, the Nevada Athletic Commission has chose to ignore them and punish him beyond maximum limits.

If you Want to support Nick Diaz or just show the NAC that you find their actions as corrupt- sign this petition and let’s let the President take notice!

Eric Scott

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