Urijah Faber on TJ Dillashaw leaving “The Family”

Urijah Faber appeared on Thursday’s episode of the “stud show” to talk about TJ Dillashaw’s decision to leave Team Alpha Male after 6 years. Urijah said that TJ still wants to train with Alpha Male but Faber made it clear that won’t happen after TJ made the “Big Boy” decision to leave the team that made him. 

Here’s what Faber had to say:

“It’s been hard for everybody, and really uncomfortable. Obviously it’s a weird situation, I never really saw it coming.”

“We all go to practice and Chad’s like, ‘hey, who want’s to go to lunch?’ So we have dinner, it’s like me and Chad and my buddy Phil and [TJ’s] like, ‘hey I think I’m going to go out to Colorado for my next camp.’ And I’m like ‘OK’, and he goes ‘You know, actually anytime I do anything fight related from now on I’m going to be going out there and they’re offering a real opportunity with some good money,’ which honestly, I’m not going to put out his business with what the money is, but with this whole ‘it’s an amazing opportunity money wise’, you’ve got to be kidding me dude. You could mow lawns full time –– and make the same amount of money.”

“So I said, ‘OK, well shoot man, it’s been nice having you on the team for the last six years.”

“I’m like, it doesn’t make sense for you to come in and spar with our guys. –– He wants to come back and be apart of our team, but he made a big boy decision, you know, he walked away from the family that brought him up, were a big part of his success and – friendship’s a different thing, if you want to maintain a friendship that’s built through action I’m OK with being friends with the guy, you know, we’ve been really close.”

“Is he my best friend? I would say that I have best friends that would never just walk away like that. I wouldn’t say it’s not a great friend move.”

“From this point it’s you’re this team, I’m this team.”

TJ will continue to train with Duane Ludwig- a verbal rival of Faber. It’s unclear whether Faber has changed his mind about a potential fight with Dillashaw.

Eric Scott

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