Babyface’s Top 5: Most Dominant Champions in UFC History

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Since the beginning we’ve seen dozens of champions come and go after one or two title defenses. That’s another list for another day. This list is dedicated to those fighters who say “no I’m going to hold this title for a few years.” So after countless hours on UFC Fight Pass I have compiled a list of what I believe are the Most Dominant Champions in UFC History.

Honorable Mentions:
Jose Aldo
Joanna Jędrzejczyk
Tito Ortiz

Georges St. Pierre
Reason: The greatest Canadian fighter in Mixed Martial Arts history. He showed the heart of a champion by losing the belt, changing his fighting style, and getting his belt back. He has beaten a who’s who in the Welterweight division (BJ Penn, Johny Hendricks, Jake Shields, etc.) Without Georges influence on the sport it’s very possible the UFC wouldn’t be the worldwide success it is today.
Title Defenses: 9 (8 decisions & 1 knockout)
Days as Champion: 2,204
Record as Champion: 9-1

Demetrious Johnson 
Reason: The first Flyweight champion in UFC history and honestly the way his career is going he might be the only Flyweight champion. DJ is easily the pound for pound best fighter in the UFC today. With his footwork, wrestling, and grinding style he has found a way to win. He has the record for the latest finish in UFC history and has one of the most devastating knockouts in Flyweight history over longtime rival Joesph Benavidez. DJ has all the skills to one day be considered the greatest champion in UFC history.
Title Defenses: 7 (3 decisions, 3 submissions, & 1 knockout)
Days as Champion: 1,107 (incumbent)
Record as Champion: 7-0

Jon Jones
Reason: Jon revamped a division that for years looked pretty basic with maybe four or five actual top tier fighters. Before Jon became the Light-Heavyweight champion the previous five champions were unable to defend the championship more than once. With his unorthodox striking, phenomenal wrestling, and awesome ground skills it’s only a matter of time until Jon comes back and gets his title.
Title Defenses: 8 (4 decisions, 2 submissions, & 1 knockout)
Days as Champion: 1,501
Record as Champion: 8-0

Anderson Silva
Reason: He’s what all fighters want to become and that is the greatest. He was an all around master of the sport his striking could be considered the greatest of all time, Brazilian jujitsu black belt, and the longest reigning champion in UFC history. The only thing that stopped Anderson from getting the number one spot is that he has shown he can be defeated but nonetheless he is the greatest of all time.
Title Defenses: 10 (6 knockouts, 2 submissions, & 2 decisions)
Days as Champion: 2,457
Record as Champion: 10-1

Ronda Rousey
Reason: Is there any other choice? Since the day she was crowned the Women’s Bantamweight Champion she never looked back. She has stated it’s her destiny to retire as an undefeated champion and she has looked like this is going to happen. Whether it be the 14 second armbar of Cat Zingano or the16 second knockout of Alexis Davis she has been unstoppable and easily the most dominant champion in UFC history.
Title Defenses: 6 (4 submissions & 2 knockouts)
Days as Champion: 1,032 (incumbent)
Record as Champion: 6-0

Did I get it right? What’s your list? Sound off in the comments below!

-Don “Babyface” Manos

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