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Hilarious Hendo story from when he won the UFC tournament championship


Way back at UFC 17- Dan Henderson made his UFC debut winning two fights and being crowned the middleweight tournament champion. But it wasn’t an easy road, after a close decision over Alan Goes, Hendo had to face future UFC champion- Carlos Newton.

Dan won a decision and the championship but It it was a very difficult fight.  Noone knew just how difficult until Dan told this story.

“Most people know I got my jaw broken in the (Carlos) Newton fight, but they don’t know that the shot that did it also knocked me out cold. I stayed on my feet but I was totally blacked out and dont remember anything in the fight after that punch.”
“When I came to, I was getting loaded into the ambulance by my coach and another guy. I asked them ‘What happened, did I lose?’ and they said ‘No, you won, you won,’ and whatever, but I could see across the path there was a pizza shop and Carlos Newton was in there eating a slice of pizza. That really pissed me off that he got to eat pizza and I had to go home in an ambulance. I thought if I won the fight shouldnt it be the other way around? So I was ticked off.”

“So I got out of the ambulance while the ambulance guy wasn’t paying attention and …walked across the path to the pizza store. I was really out of it from pain medication but I kept my cool and got in there and managed to order a slice. As Ii left the store I looked over at Carlos and gave him a nod and sort of motioned to my pizza to say ‘Yeah, good job,’ yknow, but to let him know that I won the fight and I deserved that pizza more than him.”

“I don’t remember what happened after, but I woke up again the next morning in the hospital and the pizza was still there beside my bed. So if anyone ever tells you that Newton should’ve won that decision, now you can tell them why they’re wrong.”

Eric Scott

photo credit: ZUFFA

special thanks to Joseph Duncan for this gem.

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