UFC Dublin Reebok t-shirt leaves many Irish infuriated

With UFC Dublin just days away, there has been many fans left infuriated by the UFCs decision to Take the 6 countries of Northern Ireland from the map of Reeboks Irish themed ufc t-shirt.


Well, hundreds of years ago, the whole island of Ireland was under British control and part of the British Empire. But around the year of 1912, a lot of people in Ireland wanted Home Rule. This meant that Ireland would still be apart of Britain but would have their own Government in the capital city of Dublin. Eventually the British agreed but due to their part in WW1, the issue of Home Rule was put back. The majority of people up the North were relatively happy about this because they were Protestants and wanted to stay being apart of Britain for various reasons but the Irish in the South were not happy because they were Catholics and didn’t show a strong force of loyalty to the monarchy and they felt they were restricted of freedom. Because of this, the Nationalists (mainly Catholics who wanted a Republic) rebelled against British authority. And all they wanted now was a completely independent country. British Military groups were sent over to Ireland such as the ‘Black and Tans’ and Auxiliaries to fight the rebels but the leaders such as Michael Collins and Eamonn DeValera would not give up. The Unionists (mainly Protestants who wanted to stay apart of Britain) were not happy with the Nationalists and there was now a clear divide in the country. After years of struggles, a Truce was made and followed by a long negotiation to sign the Treaty. It was decided than Ireland would be granted complete independence except for 6 counties up the North and although Collins was unhappy with this, he knew it was the best they could do at that moment and he and others signed the Treaty. There was a Civil War in Ireland because many people were unhappy with the terms of the Treaty. 

The IRA used to use violent methods to try and become a Republic and these people were mainly Catholics from the North. A lot of these men were in the political party, Sine Féin but nowadays, Sine Féin is a peaceful party who still want to become a Republic. 

Do you agree with the UFCs decision to take the 6 counties off the Ireland map?

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