Michael “Venom” Page: “I still feel like a baby in this sport”

Bellator 144: Halsey vs. Carvahlo highlighted many of the promotions up and coming stars of the sport. Not the least of which was Michael “Venom” Page (9-0), one of the most dynamic and unorthodox fighters in the game today. Page took on Charlie Ontiveros (6-4) in a bout that, for the first time in Michael’s young career, highlighted his grappling set of skills. Less than a minute into the first round, Page found himself in the clinch with Ontiveros and not soon after completed a great takedown. The man known as “MVP” proceeded to maintain offensive positioning despite Ontiveros’ several attempts to scramble back to his feet. Page would eventually find side-control and finish the fight with an onslaught of elbows.

Michael Page would move his undefeated streak up to nine wins with eight finishes, and with another victory under his belt under the Bellator banner, moved the needle point ever more closely towards bigger and badder opposition. But just how soon is too soon? Many fans lit up social media following the victory and proceeded to discredit Michael Page’s opposition as of late, citing Ontriveros and those before him as unworthy opponents or “Cans” as the term has more famously been used. This all being despite the fact that every opponent that Michael has faced thus far in Bellator, has generally had a more experienced record than “MVP”. Michael Page joined me on the MMA Discussion podcast to discuss his progress as a fighter and to address the fans that wish to push him towards the limelight so soon:

“With a 9-0 record now, if I had just gotten to America now, people would have wanted to see me fight at least four more times before we even talk about titles or the higher up should I say. Guys with more credible names. But I made it over here to America very quickly, everyone’s watching my progress under a spotlight, so it means people are a lot more impatient. They want their questions answered now, and for me I still feel like a baby in this sport. I’ve still got so much to learn, and for me those answers will come in time. There’s no doubt that if I keep doing what I want to do, eventually the names and the challenges are going to step up.”

While Page may admit that there really is no rush, that doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t already ready for a big fight. Page knows the meaning of such a match-up and wouldn’t be opposed in the slightest to fight someone who would appear a lot closer to him on the betting odds.

“For me, I know, I’m confident on (whoever) is next.” Page said when asked what was next after this fight. “It’s just a case of people watching. They don’t know yet so if I get someone with a more credible name, it would prove to a lot more people that I am the real deal. It’s not like just 15 minutes of fame. I am going to be here for a long time. So anybody with that credible name that people respect in Bellator, I would like to see me up against them (next).”

Michael Page also spoke on the dynamic’s of his unorthodox style, what keeps him focused, his training, having his opponents change, and much, much more.

To listen to the full interview click here: https://soundcloud.com/mma-discussion-podcast/episode-71-michael-venom-page-vinny-magalhaes-jon-jones-return

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