White House hasn’t responded to Diaz petition but “we the people” may win regardless

image“Remember you have just 30 days to get 100,000 signatures in order to get a response from the White House. And it’s up to you to get to 150 signatures in order for your petition to be publicly searchable on the We the People tool on WhiteHouse.gov.”

That’s an exact quote from the Whitehouse.gov website. The petition to have Nick Diaz’ 5 year suspension lifted reached 100,000 signatures and beyond over two weeks ago, so where is the response?

This isn’t the first petition the White House never actually responded to despite their website saying they would. Will Nick Diaz ever get a response? Possibly but unlikely. They have in the past gone without a response to other politically tied petitions and this one would ask the White House to call out the corruption of the largest government ran athletic commission in America.

If if there is no response, was the petition useless? Not necessarily, it definitely put a lot more eyeballs on the situation and proved that “we the people” did not agree with the punishment.

It is rumored that the commission is working on a settlement that could let Nick fight next year. That’s wise considering the unbelievable amount of negative attention they have been getting between this and and a judge recently overruling The NAC’s lifetime ban of Wanderlei Silva because it was “in access of the statutory authority of the agency”. The Nick Diaz ruling appears to also be in the same realm. They also tried to go outside their authority and sanction Metamoris by not letting Sonnen grapple- when they have no authority over these events.

It’s clear that the Nevada Athletic Commission are over stepping their authority at every opportunity and for this corruption to stop something needs to be done. But don’t look for the Governor of Nevada who already said he won’t get involved or apparently the President to fight this corruption. But with this petition, a judges ruling and thousands of fans calling the NAC to complain it appears “We the People” may prevail after all.

Eric Scott

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