Tim Kennedy would “tear Fedor apart”

imageUFC middleweight- Tim Kennedy recently sat down with the “brutally honest show” podcast and stated that you shouldn’t buy his fight kit because he makes only pennies and that he may night fight again unless the circumstances were right. And a fight with Fedor is apparently the right circumstances. Here’s his quote

“I’d come back for Fedor, I’d fight Fedor for sure. I’d fight him tomorrow! I still train 2-3 times a day when I’m not shooting or hunting, or making a movie. Even when I am making a movie, I’m not sure if you know about film schedule, but you work 12 hour days and I’m still getting 2 workouts in a day.”

“So it doesn’t change my level of readiness; If they said ‘hey could you fight Fedor tomorrow?’ I’d be like ‘Hell yeah!’ If they were like ‘Could you fight Fedor on New Year’s Eve?’ You’re going to see a ripped 220 pound prizefighter that’s going to tear Fedor apart.”

Fedor has lost to smaller men before but I doubt there’s many out there who think he would tear Fedor apart, but in MMA anything can and does happen.

Eric Scott

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