Boxing champ-Tyson Fury would destroy Cain Velasquez

Just yesterday, Tyson Fury became the man to end the over decade long “Klitschko Era” by defeating Wladamir Klitschko for the Boxing Heavyweight Championship.


But it over the past couple years, Fury has aimed a lot of his trash talk toward the UFC- mainly Cain Velasquez. Here’s some of his quotes

“We all know WWE is pretend. And if a pretend fighter (Brock Lesnar) can come in and win the (UFC) heavyweight championship of the world, it doesn’t say a lot, does it?”

“I’ve challenged Cain Velasquez to a fight three times. He’s a little boy who doesn’t want to fight. He said no, live on TV.”

“I would take Cain Velasquez out,” Fury said. “MMA to me is bulls—t. It’s for people who can’t box and like wrestling on the floor. It’s rubbish.”

“I challenge [you] to fight all in in a cage or ring! It could be billed as man vs. midget, let’s get it on! [You] small, stiff idiot,” Fury wrote to Velasquez directly on Twitter.


Velasquez did respond on Inside MMA- Here’s his quote-

“There’s nothing I can do, y’know. I’m in this sport, he’s in that sport. He talks a lot, he’s doing a good job of it for sure. He needs to step in and work his way up. I felt like he doesn’t have a chance, but, okay, if you wanna keep running your mouth then go out there and prove it.”


It is certainly doubtful that the fight will ever happen, but Fury did just prove a major point by becoming the champion of boxing.


Eric Scott

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The Ultimate Fighter is seeking contestants in Three Different Weight Classes

Ultimate Fighter

By Trey Dennis

Whether you are a karate practitioner, boxer, wrestler, or a judoka making a few bucks fighting in MMA matches, this is your chanc to be in the new season of The Ultimate Fighter. TUF 23 will be holding tryouts for three different weight classes, whether they intend to have a casts for the three different divisions in one season remains to be seen. The tryouts are women in the 115 pound (Strawweight) division and 135 pound (Bantamweight) division, and men in the 205 pound (Light-Heavyweight) division. According to UFC standards, fighters must be between 21 and 34 years of age with a winning professional record and a minimum of at least three fights.

The sessions are to be held at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday, December 14, 2015. The final cast will not be chosen until after the tryouts, so its possible there maybe only one or two weight classes instead of three. No word on potential coaches either. Some interesting choices for the next season coaches may include potential title fighters like Holly Holm, Miesha Tate, Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier, Robbie Lawler, or Tyrone Woodley. TUF 22 with coaches Conor McGregor and Urijah Faber will continue to air until the finale on December 11 at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, NV. The main events that will be headlining the finale feature Edson Barboza vs. Tony Ferguson at Lightweight, and Frankie Edgar vs. Chad Mendes at Featherweight.

(courtesy of The Ultimate Fighter and

Holly Holm: The New and Future Queen?

On November 13th, at UFC 193 inside the record breaking packed Ethiad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, one of the most memorable and historic upsets in the history of MMA (and certainly the most in Women’s MMA) took place in the bantamweight championship headliner between former multiple time Boxing world champion Holly Holm, and the most popular and polarizing MMA figure in the sport Ronda Rousey made headlines. Holly Holm had dethroned the queen.

Going into the bout a 20-1 underdog, many fans and even media openly suggested that the bout would most likely sway towards an easy victory for the defending champion, with little to no chance of any other outcome. This was seemingly due to a number of circumstances. The most prominent one being Holly’s inexperience inside the Octagon. Holly Holm only had two bouts contested underneath the UFC banner. Her debut bout earlier this year in February against TUF veteran Raquel “Rocky” Pennington, and soon after against No. 12 ranked Marion Reneau. Certainly not the pedigree worthy of a title shot even with the lack of depth left at the top of the women’s bantamweight division which, if we circle back on this, points us to our second reason. Holm may have defeated Renau and Pennington, but did not do so under the type of fashion that would have you believe she was a world beater. Raquel was unlikely ranked in the top ten at the time, and Reneau was only noticeably ranked 12th due to Holly’s ranking at number 14 according to the UFC’s ranking system at the time. Despite this, Holly did not dominate or compete relatively divinitive. She struggled in the “Rocky” fight which was scored close, and while she thoroughly defeated Reneau with effective counter striking and effective movement, fans were left feeling intemperate for a more satisfying performance from someone that was touted as the next big challenge for the now former champion in Rousey.

The third reason could also have been because another contender had already been openly announced. At UFC on Fox 16, Miesha “Cupcake” Tate defeated Jessica “Evil” Eye to notch her fourth consecutive win since losing to Rousey in 2013. Shortly after the event, UFC President Dana White had openly announced her as the next contender for the women’s bantamweight title with White stating: “She’s earned it”. Many, including Tate herself, felt she had been wronged after the announcement came citing Holm as the next in line. To add up all these variables, made the fight seem extraordinarily rushed, leaving fans and conspiracy theorists alike to ponder if some agenda from the UFC was at hand.

None of it mattered.

Not to the new queen of Women’s MMA. Holly “The Preacher’s Daughter” Holm who was 9-0 with six knockouts going into this match-up, also backed by a 2-1 Kickboxing record with 2 knockouts and most importantly a 33-2-3 Boxing record with 9 knockouts. Professionally this was Holly Holm’s 51st professional combat sports match.

Many interesting twist and turns brought increased intrigue leading up to the bout, even in the very last minute before the fight. At the weigh-ins Ronda and Holm were involved in a humorous scuffle. One were Holm had placed her right hand across the cheek of Rousey’s. Rousey of course took offense to this, seemingly ready to engage with Holm right there on the stage. What was one of the most interesting take aways from this however was Holm’s demeanor throughout the short ordeal. Holm was a rock. Never moving, never even shifting her seismic glance away from Ronda. It was almost eerie as Holm showed no sign of fear, and even looked more laser focused than we had ever seen Holm look before. The next night, on a historic Sunday evening in Australia, Holly had offered her glove in one last final show of respect before they would be locked alone inside the Octagon. But Ronda would refuse. Man, what rush that sent throughout the record-setting arena and the viewers across the globe.

Holm would go on to display quite possibly the greatest performance of the year, and certainly one of the most historic in all of women’s MMA. Capitalizing on expert footwork, her southpaw stance, and phenomenal movement Holm would purge Ronda clean of the title she had defended so dominantly before. Ronda had no answer for Holm’s defensive movement and could not enforce her own game plan which undoubtedly meant engaging with Holm in the clinch and delivering the fight to the mat. The inexperienced opinion by most fans was that Ronda was cocky and decided to stand with her on her own free will. Not the case at all. The fight stayed standing the majority of the bout because that is what Holly Holm wanted, not the other way around. Sure enough, after playing the matador as you could say, with Rousey’s standing offense, and settling down on that left hand straight in the southpaw position, viewers realized quickly and shockingly that shortly before the end it simply felt like just a matter of time. After landing another marquee left that dazed and stumbled the champion, Holly uncorked one of the cleanest head kicks ever witnessed, dropping Rousey and claiming the title in a performance the likes of which legends are remembered for.

With Holly Holm as the new Queen of the mountain the hype has deservedly bounced over to Holm who having defeated Rousey, a woman millions of fans thought to be immortal, still remains undefeated in MMA and now looks ahead towards a still growing and ever-changing dynamic that is the women’s bantamweight division. Many of course drool at the thought of a rematch between Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey, citing the possibility that Ronda could return emphatically and reclaim her throne. However, not too long after the loss to Holly, Ronda took to Instagram to address her health and well-being citing that she was not terribly injured, but would still be taking a short term hiatus from the sport.

Fans and spectators of the sport alike now look at Holm and ponder what is to be. Can Holly be as dominant of a champion as Rousey was? Can she achieve the same success? Most importantly, can she be the one to retire undefeated? Holm, since competing in MMA, has yet to really be challenged thus far. Although even when you look at Holm’s career subjectively, it’s hard to say that Holm has faced the best that the division has to offer just yet, other than of course Rousey. With Ronda however, Holm was stylistically a horrible match-up. Can she find that same success against the others she will soon face inside the cage?

Holm’s victory, while remarkable, proved something else. Styles make fights. Holm may or may not potentially have holes in her game. Though at this juncture, who really knows? As stated previously, we have yet to really see her challenged in many aspects of the fight game. Ronda was able to get the fight to the ground only once in their bout, however Rousey was focused solely on the submission and not the position of where she was on the ground and in doing so failed to keep Holm down the lone time she had taken to the fight to the mat due to Holm fending off what was quite simply not the most technical attempt at an armbar by Rousey by any means. Holm has not yet shown legitimate capabilities in the grappling department. Whether she can defend or maybe even attack from various positions on the ground or in the clinch remains to answered. But one ace in the hole that should certainly be recognized is Holly Holm’s fantastic camp. Greg Jackson and Mike Winklejohn are two of the sports most respected and legendary coaches in the game. Along with being a longtime mainstay at Team Jackson’s, Holm trains alongside some of the best fighters on the planet currently such as John Dodson, Carlos Condit, Donald Cerrone, and Jon Jones along with a slew of many other well-skilled veterans of the sport. What Holm has shown, that not many other women at bantamweight have been able to, is the potential to distribute a well-rounded skill set in a high octane fight. That is what may be Holly’s greatest attribute if she can prove to possess it. Many of today’s greatest fighters possess this gift. Names like Frankie Edgar, Chris Weidman, Jon Jones, Georges St. Pierre and Demetrious Johnson come to mind when thinking about fighters that can fight at the expert level anywhere the fight takes place. Having difficulty striking or landing shots? Let’s take this fight to the mat, lets work submissions, or ground and pound, or lets dirty box from the clinch, or lets wrestle, lets look for positioning. To be able to adapt mid-fight is a talent only the greatest in the sport can display. Holly Holm, unlike Ronda Rousey, has the potential to become this fighter. Holm has established herself as one of, if not the greatest striker that there has ever been in the still short history of women’s MMA.

Time is the only answer to this question for now. Other variables await to help guide towards certainty. First off what about Ronda Rousey. What will change? Something surely must if Rousey is to step across from Holly a second time? Will she change camps? Will she get a new coach, and new staff, a new gym? And of course, what about Cris “Cyborg” Justino? Is that the new super-fight to make now? Is Holly willing to fight at 140, unlike Ronda? Who is next for Holly Holm, with Ronda stepping aside to gather barrings? Miesha Tate, Amanda Nunes, Julianna Pena? As we look to answer this mystifying question of MMA’s newest throne holder, the more questions it raises.

So for now, fight fans, we will stand by to wait and see, excitingly and anxiously, what is to become of the woman who, as Jack Slack so elegantly put it, killed the Queen.

Josh Barnett vs. Ben Rothwell set to fight at UFC on Fox 18

One titanous match-up has been added to the UFC’s first FOX card of the year in 2016. Josh “WarMaster” Barnett vs. “Big” Ben Rothwell has been added to UFC on Fox 18 in New Jersey as announced on Fox Sports Live on Fox Sports 1.

Barnett (34-7, 6-2 in UFC), the former UFC Heavyweight champion, is coming off an epic 5-round decision victory over TUF winner Roy Nelson. Barnett had returned from a two year absense from the sport following a first round knockout loss to Travis Browne.

Rothwell (35-9, 5-3 in UFC) has garnered much success as of late, earning his third straight finishing victory in a row over Matt Mitrione by submission. Prior to that that win, Rothwell had strung together back to back knockout wins over Brandon “The Truth” Vera and Alistair “The Reem” Overeem. Rothwell was recently slated to face Stipe Miocic at UFC Fight Night 76 in Ireland, however Miocic pulled out of the bout due to injury and a replacement could not be found in time.

UFC on Fox 18 takes place in Newark, New Jersey on Jan. 30th at the Prudential Center. With the addition of this bout, the card now looks as such:

-Anthony “Rumble” Johnson vs. Ryan “Darth” Bader
-Josh “Warmaster” Barnett vs. “Big” Ben Rothwell
-Jake “The Juggernaut” Ellenberger vs. Tarec “Spong” Saffiedine
-Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs. Joaquim Silva
-George Sullivan vs. Alexander Yakovlev
-Tony Martin vs. Felipe Olivieri
-Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres vs. Masio Fullen

Fights to make after UFC Fight Night 78


UFC made it’s third ever trip to Mexico after an action packed second season of The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America. While a plethora of debuts were made to highlight the talent that was premiered on the show, several impactful fights took place leaving fans to wonder what could be next in the future.

Erik “Goyito” Perez vs. Felipe “Sertanejo” Arantes

Erik Perez finds himself back in the win column, though has intervalled between wins and losses in his last four fights. To how much that depletes Perez’ is up for debate however as Erik’s only two losses have come to two top ten fighters in Takeya Mizugaki and Bryan Caraway. Perez is still young and holds a a whole world of potential still and could very well become one of the best Bantamweights in the world years down the line. For now, he takes a sound unanimous decision victory home from Mexico. With his steadfast course in competition showing that time and development is needed, Perez should slow his pace in competition in order to let his skill set improve as well as prove he deserves to continue his journey with the UFC fairly. That should mean contesting with fellow rising stars and potential up and comers. Felipe Arantes himself looks to one day climb the ladder of his division but is also currently fixed success as of now intervalling between wins and losses in his last four bouts in the Octagon. This bout will serve as a stern test for both men, and may possibly showcase the future of the ever-developing UFC’s bantamweight division.

Henry Cejudo vs. Demetrious Johnson

Henry Cejudo etched another victory into his resume Saturday night against a highly talented Jussier Formiga. Highlighting his overall skill set, Cejudonow moves to 4-0 under the UFC and 10-0 overall. Formiga was however able to make it a competitive fight, as have a couple other opponents lately with Cejudo, leaving many to wonder if Cejudo is truly ready for a title fight with one of, if not, the MMA pound for pound king in Demetrious “Might Mouse” Johnson. Although, with no other credible contender to debate said point, Cejudo seems primed to face the champion next whether you like it or not. Regardless of any doubt either with fans or media, Cejudo does present a challenge to Johnson that he has yet to face inside the Octagon which makes for a intriguing match-up, no matter the odds.

Ricardo “The Bully” Lamas vs. Renan Barao

Lamas returned from disheartening loss to Chad Mendes to dominate a well-fought bout against an always aggressive Diego Sanchez. Diego is so difficult to fight that even trying to to damage to him can be dangerous, as certain points throughout the fight, Lamas seemingly injured himself while landing strikes on the manic veteran. Lamas however kept composure throughout the fight and managed to not get blindsided by the judges in the process. Lamas has only lost to two fighters in the UFC, Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes. Certainly not a stable of losses to hang your head about. Lamas continues to stay a dangerous and relevant contender at 145 lbs and stringing victories will surely manage him another possible title shot in the future. Lamas has struggled only against the fighters in the world, a hump that at this point in his career, he needs to get over in order to solidly his placement among the featherweights best. Taking on the former bantamweight champion in Renan Barao is as big a statement as he can possibly make right now. Barao announced earlier this year his intentions of moving up in weight and joining the ranks of the featherweight roster. Barao certainly doesn’t have it made any easier in his new weight class, as a potential bout with Lamas would be sure to prove.

Neil Magny vs. Matt “The Immortal” Brown

Neil Magny shook the welterweight division up when he came into Monterrey on two weeks notice and defeated one of the fastest rising up and coming prospects at 170 lbs. in Kelvin Gastelum in one of the more competitive match-ups we have seen this year in the division. Across the span of 25 minutes, Magny utilized his size and reach advantage to stifle the former TUF champ and also dominated early with his aggressive scrambles and offensive transitions that kept Kelvin on the defensive for the opening three rounds of the fight. Kelvin however managed to keep pressure on Magny throughout the whole fight, even stealing the momentum away in the bouts most controversial round as he dropped Magny twice, leaving many to ponder whether or not Gastelum had just scored a 10-8 round. While Gastelum kept his working offense going, it was not enough to sway enough judges to his cause and Magny was awarded the victory. Magny wins his third fight of the year out of four bouts, dropping one only to former title contender and No. 6 ranked Demian Maia. Magny now sets up 2016 pleasantly as he has now cemented himself as the welterweight divisions dark horse. Since Gastelum was initially scheduled to face the always exciting Matt Brown for this fight before Brown suffered a minor injury that dropped him from the headliner, Brown makes for a perfect candidate to face Magny in the opening season of 2016. This bout pits two of the most game fighters in the world today, in a bout that is sure to deliver in fireworks as it will in aggression and skill.

Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort 2 likely for UFC 197 in Rio

imageDana White confirmed the fight was being worked on while appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience and now Bloody Elbow are reporting rumors of 197 being the date.


UFC 197 is likely to be held in March. The two former champs originally fought in 2011- with Silva winning by first round KO.


Rumor has it this will be the main event.


Eric Scott

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WSOF 25 Results: Brian Foster finds redemption, wins 8-man Lightweight tournament

Resiliency is one of the greatest traits an athlete can have. Along with heart, courage and actual skill. Resiliency however can bring out true greatness in any athlete, because no matter the odds, a self belief that can’t be denied allows oneself to persevere. Brian Foster showed his resiliency Friday night in the single night 8-man Lightweight tournament that would determine the next number one contender to challenge Justin Gaethje.

Foster faced in the nights third quarterfinal bout, Joao Zeferino, who took out Foster exceptionally quick in under two minutes with a heel hook submission to qualify onto the next round. It seemed as though Foster’s title dreams had been shattered in an instant. However, simple good fortune granted Foster another chance to achieve glory. Mike Ricci, had earlier in the night won his quarterfinal bout against Joe Condon with a spectacular head kick KO. Ricci was then slated to face Luis Palomino in the semi-finals. But when Ricci could not advance to the semifinals. Foster got the lucky call to make his way back into the tournament.

Foster faced off against former two-time title challenger Luis Palomino. Foster took full advantage of the new-found bout and dominated the former contender due to his phenomenal grappling scrambles and exchanges that led to a last minute TKO victory that would qualify Foster to move onto the finals in what should easily have been considered the most unlikely bout to have made it to the finals.

Joao Zeferino, after disposing of Foster early, faced off against Jorge Patino. Zeferino mirrored his previous performance just an hour earlier in submitting his fellow Brazilian, as well in under two minutes also with a heel hook submission.

It may have been the first type of match-up of its time in all of MMA. At least to this writers knowledge. As unlikely as it could have seen prior to the event, two men that had already faced off earlier in the night would face each other in the finals of what had become a circus-like event due to multiple injuries and pull-outs. But the match-up had its appeal for sure. Would Foster be able to adjust in facing an opponent he has lost to just hours earlier? Could Zeferino duplicate his last win over Foster? The questions left fans watching in the arena and at home gleaming with anticipation, that they could be witnessing a possible underdog story in the making. Zeferino proved to be a dark horse among the eight men slated to compete in the night as his victories came seemingly with ease.

Brian Foster would not be denied. Starting the match off with an obvious intent to strike instead of grapple this time around Foster pressed most of the action, leaving Zeferino to force his game of submissions and grappling. While Joao was successful on a couple occasions in getting Foster to the mat, Brian continued to scramble out of submissions, even playing with fire as he laid in some successful grappling offense of his own, and showed that he had made the necessary changes in the extraordinarily short amount of time he had to prepare for Zeferino once more. Foster would prove his resiliency and find the finishing blow late in the second round as he landed a hay-maker of a left hand across the face of the Brazilian that would seal the knockout for Foster, as well as redemption for his loss which took place mere hours before.

Foster made a story all his own Friday night and will now face his greatest test to date in Justin Gaethje, the dominant and defending WSOF Lightweight champion. A date has yet to be set, but after an historic night like last Friday, Foster has proven that he will be not only the toughest, but the most resilient challenger Gaethje will have ever come across.

Bellator MMA 146 Kato x Manhoef PBP and Results Prelims:

Heavyweight: Zach Rosol (1-0) vs Alonzo Menifield (0-0)
Round 1: Both fighters step into the center and Alonzo opens up with some hard leg kicks. Zach shoots for a takedown and gets leveled with a right hand to the temple. Fight is over.
Official Result:
Alonzo Menifield (KO :38 RD1)

Women’s Featherweight: Arlene ‘Angerfist’ Blencowe (6-5) vs Gabrielle ‘Gabanator’ Holloway (5-3)
Round 1: Arlene opens up with some hard leg kicks. Gabby gets tired of the kicks and pushes Arlene to the cage and gets a takedown and rides the top for over 90 seconds. Arlene gets the wall-walk stands up lands a shot to end the round. 10-9 Gabby
Round 2: 
Gabby opens up with a beautiful double leg and gets full mount. Arlene reverses the position and gets on top but Gabby keeps threatening with the triangle position. Arlene escapes with a small slam and stands the fight up. Gabby shoots for a double leg and gets the takedown and sit in full guard util Herzog stand them up. Gabby eats a shot but ends up on top to end this round. 10-9 Gabby
Round 3: 
Alene knows shes down and presses the action to the cage and makes Gabby eat a knee. Gabby shoots but ends up on bottom but reverses the position and gets in Arlene’s full guard. Arlene gets the wall walk again and gets up but can’t shake Gabby loose. Gabby gets another drag down and gets the full mount. Arlene escapes and hits Gabby with an accidental knee. Herzog stands them up Gabby shoots and ends up on bottom eats a fist. Arlene gets in Armbar position but cannot finish.

Arlene 10-9
My Score:
Gabrielle ‘Gabanator’ Holloway (29-28)

Official Result: 
Arlene ‘Angerfist’ Blencowe (Split Decision) 

Andre ‘Chatuba’ Santos (37-10) vs Josh ‘The Dentist’ Neer (36-14-1)
Round 1:  Andre is the aggressor and pushes Neer to the cage but Neer reverses and escapes. Neer is getting the better of the stand up exchange and lands a few good shots. Andre shoot but ends up on bottom Neer gets the back and flattens out Santos but he escapes the choke. Santos gets back to the feet and eats some shots to end the round. 10-9 Neer
Round 2:
Neer catches a front kick and tries for the takedown but cannot succeed. Neer grips the body then gets the takedown and threatens with a guillotine. Santos escapes and stands but is taking damage against the cage. Santos gets off the cage and tries to stand with Neer but ends up against the cage again. Santos gets off the cage again and hits Neer with a uppercut and Neer is hurt. Santos ends up on top to finish the round. 10-9 Santos
Round 3:
Neer is visibly still hurt from the shot in the second and tries to play it safe. Andre is swinging to finish the fight and shoots again for a takedown but again Neer sprawls and gets the back. Neer is trying for the RNC but cannot finish. Santos escapes and is winning the stand up until Neer pushes him against the cage again but Santos again escapes to end the fight.
10-9 Santos
My Score:
Andre ‘Chatuba’ Santos (29-28)
Official Decision:
Andre ‘Chatuba’ Santos (29-28 UD)

Women’s Featherweight: Julia ‘The Jewel’ Budd (7-2) vs Roberta ‘Crusher’ Paim Rovel (4-0)
Round 1: Julia is the opening aggressor and lands a few good shots and gets Roberta against the cage. Roberta reverses the position and rides out the round in control against the cage. 10-9 Julia
Round 2: 
Julia once again is the aggressor and ends up getting Roberta against the cage again. Julia is landing foot stomps like crazy and continues to damage Roberta. Roberta reverses and lands a couple shots at the end of the round. 10-9 Julia

Round 3: Julia gets the fight to the cage quick and lands a takedown and immediately gets the top position and lands some good ground and pound. She looks to pass the guard and continues to land shots. Roberta gets her leg in a position for a possible knee bar but it’s too late. 10-9 Julia
My Score:
Julia ‘The Jewel’ Budd (30-27)
Official Decision:
 Julia ‘The Jewel’ Budd (UD 30-27)

Middleweight: Ben ‘The Hunter’ Reiter (16-0-1) vs Francisco ‘Kiko’ France (12-3)
Round 1: Kiko is pushing the pace and lands a few good shots and keeps looking to get this fight to the ground. Kiko lands a takedown close to the end of the round but doesn’t do any damage but still is dominant. 10-9 France.
Round 2: Kiko gets the takedown after a small exchange against the cage. Takes the back and secures the RNC to end this fight.

Official Result: Francisco ‘Kiko’ France (Submission RNC 1:08 RD2)

Catchweight (150lbs):
Stephen ‘The Fear’ Banaszak (4-5) vs George ‘Constantine’ Pacurariu (10-4)
Round 1: Stephen is throwing some fancy techniques (spinning back kicks) non of which seem to land. George nails him with a strong hook but Stephen recovers. George goes for the takedown but ends up giving up the neck for the guillotine and it’s all over.
Official Result: Stephen ‘The Fear’ Banaszak (Submission Guillotine 3:42 RD1)

Spike TV Main Card:

Light Heavyweight: Houston ‘The Assassin’ Alexander (16-12-1) vs Guilherme Viana (6-2)
Round 1: Houston is the opening aggressor with multiple shot to Viana’s body and is landing his jab and busted Viana’s nose. VIANA STAGGERS HOUSTON WITH A HOOK!! Houston recovers but not fully and keeps eating a punch whenever the goes in for a punch. Both fighters noses are bloodied. Viana lands punches to finish this round. 10-9 Viana
Round 2:
Houston is visibly hurt from the first round and is still swinging. VIANA STAGGERS HIM AGAIN! Houston recovers but gets clipped again and tries to push the fight against the cage. Viana has Houston’s back and is landing some ground and pound. Houston is back up on his feet but is hurt bad but is still swinging. Houston is cut under his left eye and keeps rubbing away the blood. Houston ends the round searching for the body punch. 10-9 Viana
Round 3:
The doctor calls the fight much to the chagrin of the audience
Official Result: 
Guilherme Viana ( Doctor Stoppage 5:00 RD2)

Welterweight: Chidi ‘Chidi Bang Bang’ Njokuani (13-4) vs Ricky ‘The Sniper’ Rainey (11-3)
Round 1: Chidi opens up the fight in classic Njokuani style looking for the lead inside leg kick. Chidi gets pushed against the cage but escapes and eats a left hook drops for a second but recovers. Now Rainey has Chidi against the cage taking knees to the leg and getting smothered by Rainey. Big John steps in and separates the fighters. Rainey immediately shoots but missed and is now pressed to the cage by Chidi. Who rides it out to the bell. 10-9 Rainey
Round 2:
Chidi hits another leg kick but falls down and Rainey gets to side control but Chidi escapes and pushes Rainey against the cage. Chidi keeps attacking the leg of Rainey. Rainey escapes using a takedown attempt then rushes Chidi to the other side and gets him against the cage. Chidi fights the takedowns but Rainey gets a takedown and Chidi immediately gets up and Big John separates them again. Chidi is winning the stand-up exchanges and Rainey clinches again and gets the fight to the cage. Chidi escapes again and gets pinned against the cage again. 10-9 Chidi
Round 3:
Same as the other two Chidi opens up with hard leg kicks but the fight ends up against the cage. Rainey reverses the position and keeps going for takedowns but can’t seem to get Chidi down. Rainey pushes him against the cage until Big John again steps in to separate. Rainey is having a hard time seeing out of the right eye due to the swelling. Chidi keeps going for the head kick but gets clinched and taken down to end this fight. 10-9 Chidi.
My Score:
 Chidi ‘Chidi Bang Bang’ Njokuani (29-28)

Official Result: Chidi ‘Chidi Bang Bang’ Njokuani (29-28 UD)

Featherweight: Bubba ‘The Highlight Kid’ Jenkins (9-2) vs Jordan ‘Pretty Boy’ Parsons (11-1)
Round 1: Bubba shoots for the takedown and gets the takedown against the cage. Jordan gets up and escapes while Bubba attempts to take his back. Jordan goes for a high kick which is blocked by Bubba. Jordan goes for a 1-2 and gets taken down again but gets up quickly. Jordan is the aggressor in this contest and keeps throwing combinations. Bubba attempts another double leg but gets stuffed and eats a punch on the way out. Jordan goes for a flying knee but gets taken down again to end this round. 10-9 Jenkins
Round 2: 
Both fighters wanna keep this one standing. Jordan looks like he is getting the better of the exchanges. Bubba attempts a spinning backfist but it doesn’t find its home. BUBBA STAGGERS JORDAN WITH A NASTY HEADKICK!!! Bubba’s on top but can’t get the finish Jordan recovers and looks for an armbar from the bottom. Bubba backflips and escapes and ends up on top landing some ground and pound but Jordan escapes. Jordan ends up on top to end this round. 10-9 Jenkins
Round 3: 
Parsons come straight out the gate looking for the knockout. Bubba goes back to his bread and butter and shoots for the takedown but Jordan stuffs it and threatens with a guillotine. Bubba escapes and gets pressed against the cage but escapes again and gets another takedown on the Blackzillian. Jordan posts up but Bubba takes him down again and gets half guard landing some ground and pound. He attempts to take the back but Jordan escapes to end this fight. 10-9 Jenkins
My Score: 
Bubba ‘The Highlight Kid’ Jenkins (30-27)

Official Result: Bubba ‘The Highlight Kid’ Jenkins (Split Decision)

Lightweight: Brandon Girtz (13-4) vs Derek ‘The Stallion’ Campos (15-5)
Round 1: Fight opens up with the fighters feeling out the other. Girtz comes in with a right hook that rocks Campos then another NOW CAMPOS IS DOWN AND GIRTZ FINISHES THIS FIGHT WITH A DEVASTATING KNOCKOUT!
Official Result: Brandon Girtz (Knockout :37 RD1)

Main Event: 

Middleweight: Hisaki ‘The Japanese Musketeer’ Kato (5-1) vs Melvin ‘No Mercy’ Manhoef (29-12-1)
Round 1: Fights come out and it’s the feeling out process for the first minute of the fight. Hisaki opens up his arsenal and begins to press the action MELVIN’S STAGGERED HISAKI COMES IN OMG THEY ARE SWINGING BACK AND FORTH LIKE DIEGO AND GILBERT! Hisaki steps away OH MY GOD MELVIN UNCORKS A LEFT HOOK FROM HELL HISAKI IS OUT!!! 
Official Result: Melvin ‘No Mercy’ Manhoef (Knockout 3:43 RD1)

Fights After The Show:
: Treston Thomison (8-3)  vs Chris ‘Lionheart’ Jones (9-3)

Official Result: Chris ‘Lionheart’ Jones (29-28)
Bantamweight: Klayton ‘Python’ Mai(7-1) vs Roshaun Jones (4-3)
Official Result: Klayton ‘Python’Mai (Submission Guillotine 2:25 RD1)
Welterweight: Justin ‘The Tactician’ Patterson (6-0) vs Codale ‘Crunchtime’ Ford (10-8)
Official Result: Codale ‘Crunchtime’ Ford (Submission RNC 2:17 RD1)
Catchweight (195lbs): Bubba ‘The Menace’ McDaniel (26-10) vs ‘Thunder’ Kenyon Jackson (3-2)
Official Result: Bubba ‘The Menace’ McDaniel (TKO 4:14 RD2)


Bellator 146 Kato x Manhoef Final Card

This Friday live from The Winstar World Casino and Resort Bellator MMA presents Bellator 146 Kato x Manhoef. The main event is a highly anticipated Middleweight fight between knockout artists Hisaki Kato and Melvin Manhoef. The card also features many fights who are tapped to be the future of their divisions so let’s go over the card and see who’s touching them up Friday. Continue reading Bellator 146 Kato x Manhoef Final Card

Upsets Keep Sports ALive



By Taylor Danzer

What’s one thing a lot of great sports movies have in common? When you consider films like Rocky, The Karate Kid, Rudy, Cinderalla Man and Miracle, they all have one recurring theme, an underdog overcoming odds to achieve victory. Which is what Holly Holm did over the weekend. A 13-1 underdog, the Holm vs Rousey is statistically considered a bigger upset than Matt Serra’s first round knockout of Georges St. Pierre. But these are the moments they help keep sports alive.

In Heavyweight boxing, fighters like James Braddock and James Douglas are not considered great fighters, but are remembered forever in boxing fame for beating men who are considered great fighters. Braddock was 10-1 underdog against Max Baer in 1936, while Douglas was 42-1 underdog against Mike Tyson in 1989. Because we like people who defy the odds, especially when underdog is sympathetic figure like Braddock (who was struggling to support his family before the upset) as well as the fictional boxing Rocky in the 1976 film of the same name. Ronda Rousey often likes play often at fights, similar to Apollo Creed in the movie Rocky. Holm on the other hand, is known for her quieter, more humbler demeanor similar to Rocky. Perhaps that’s why that’s also why this upset is getting so much attention, because its scripted like in a Hollywood movie. The ability for some to pull an incredible upset is part of the beauty and sports.