Patricio Pitbull vs. Daniel Straus: Results!

Bellator Featherweight Champion, Patricio Pitbull (who has never been finished in his career), faced Daniel Straus for the third time tonight in the Bellator cage. Winning the first two fights, Patricio was confident in his ability to take the third.

The confidence went quickly when Straus knocked Pitbull close to unconscious in the second round, nearly finishing the fight. But Pitbull seems to have a way of coming back from huge deficits.

With two minutes remaining, after taking a battering, Pitbull took Straus’s back, threatening an incredible comeback to finish the fight. But Straus was able to survive.

The last minute of the fight was a bloody mix of punches in a phonebooth, proving the incredible heart that both fighters have!

In the end, there is a new Bellator Featherweight Champion, by unanimous decision – Daniel Straus!

Note: Daniel Straus said he broke his hand in the first round.

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