Why Bringing back MMA Legends is good for Bellator and the Sport

Bellator Gracie vs Shamrock

Many people are frowning on when fighters try to make a comeback in their 30s, 40s, or even 50s try to make a comeback or keep fighting. But in the sport of boxing, no one laughed when after George Foreman won the WBC Heavyweight Title at 45 or when Bernard Hopkins defended the WBC/IBO/Ring Light Heavyweight title at 46. In MMA, Randy Couture made the comeback of his career by winning the UFC Heavyweight title at 43 years. Despite the success of older fighters, some fans on Facebook and Twitter are criticizing Bellator for doing a rubber match with UFC Hall of Famers Ken Shamrock (age 51) and Royce Gracie (age 48).

Despite their age, both men seem to be in a great shape, and maybe this is needed to humble fans and employees of business of the MMA by reminding them of how the sport got started. Despite their personal controversies, the sport of MMA would not be where it is at today without men like Gracie and Shamrock. Their presence back in the ring is likely ignite a fire of new and old fans who remember the earlier tournament fights.

As for the controversy about their age, people should remember that biological age does not equate with biological age. Both men are likely biologically much younger than people their own due to their extreme fitness and nutrition. Though they are past their prime, only the men themselves, their doctors, or their performance in the ring will show if they are really too old to fight.

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