***BREAKING*** Mirko Cro Cop injured. Possibly Retiring.

Mirko Cro Cop is contemplating hangIng them up for good after a new injury sidelined him from UFC Fight Night: Seoul.

Cro Cop announced the injury and retirement Monday evening on his Facebook page. (Roughly translated)

“I tried to save my shoulder injury and repair in all possible ways. Daily therapies, injections of blood plasma and various cocktails of drugs, regarding the injury daily training, the injury only worsened. Part of my muscle snapped, my shoulder has a lot of fluid, and the greatest danger is that the tendon ruptured, and then again in the operation.”

“I am aware that I have come to the end of my martial arts career nine operations and has become prone to injury,” he stated. “My next fight would have been my eightieth and that is a lot. Especially in these competitions: K-1, Pride, IGF and UFC.”

“The biggest problem will be my adaptation to the ‘civilian’ life. No two workouts a day and the eternal journey around the world, which won’t be tough on me. I train while I’m alive because it is my life but not at this rate and I am glad in a way.

“This is not an immediate decision because I’m unhappy doing all this, but my final decision. And it is best for me. Sooner or later the time comes when one must think about their health. I had a really long and rich career and I believe I left a deep mark in martial arts.”

Cro Cop (31-11-2, 1 NC) recently made a return to the Octagon at UFC Fight Night: Krakow in a rematch against Gabriel Gonzaga picking up a TKO victory.

Cro Cop was scheduled to face heavy handed Anthony Hamilton in South Korea later this month. No word on a replacement at this time.

Mirko on behalf of the whole Mixed Martial Arts community we love you brother and appreciate all the years of entertainment. If this is the end good luck in your future endeavors we will forever be in debt to you.

Thank you Cro Cop.

-Don Manos

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