The biggest upset in MMA history isn’t Rousey vs Holm

Rousey was a HUGE favorite to put away Holly Holm, and as a matter of fact she was the biggest favorite in UFC history to ever lose. But not the biggest in Mma history. image


Sokoudjou was new to Mma, sporting a 1-1 record and was tasked with fighting one of the world’s top 5 205ers- Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. Nog was the brother of former Pride heavyweight champion- Minotauro Nogueira and was seen as a probably future champ of the 205 division.


When the fight was set up, it was a joke to most people. The odds were about 25-1 (-2500) in Nogs favor. And just seconds into the fight, Sokoudjou knocked Rogerio out. Sokoudjou was a short lived star, but Nogueira has continued to compete at a high level to this day.


Eric Scott


photo credit- ZUFFA

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