Upsets Keep Sports ALive



By Taylor Danzer

What’s one thing a lot of great sports movies have in common? When you consider films like Rocky, The Karate Kid, Rudy, Cinderalla Man and Miracle, they all have one recurring theme, an underdog overcoming odds to achieve victory. Which is what Holly Holm did over the weekend. A 13-1 underdog, the Holm vs Rousey is statistically considered a bigger upset than Matt Serra’s first round knockout of Georges St. Pierre. But these are the moments they help keep sports alive.

In Heavyweight boxing, fighters like James Braddock and James Douglas are not considered great fighters, but are remembered forever in boxing fame for beating men who are considered great fighters. Braddock was 10-1 underdog against Max Baer in 1936, while Douglas was 42-1 underdog against Mike Tyson in 1989. Because we like people who defy the odds, especially when underdog is sympathetic figure like Braddock (who was struggling to support his family before the upset) as well as the fictional boxing Rocky in the 1976 film of the same name. Ronda Rousey often likes play often at fights, similar to Apollo Creed in the movie Rocky. Holm on the other hand, is known for her quieter, more humbler demeanor similar to Rocky. Perhaps that’s why that’s also why this upset is getting so much attention, because its scripted like in a Hollywood movie. The ability for some to pull an incredible upset is part of the beauty and sports.

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