Bellator MMA 146 Kato x Manhoef PBP and Results Prelims:

Heavyweight: Zach Rosol (1-0) vs Alonzo Menifield (0-0)
Round 1: Both fighters step into the center and Alonzo opens up with some hard leg kicks. Zach shoots for a takedown and gets leveled with a right hand to the temple. Fight is over.
Official Result:
Alonzo Menifield (KO :38 RD1)

Women’s Featherweight: Arlene ‘Angerfist’ Blencowe (6-5) vs Gabrielle ‘Gabanator’ Holloway (5-3)
Round 1: Arlene opens up with some hard leg kicks. Gabby gets tired of the kicks and pushes Arlene to the cage and gets a takedown and rides the top for over 90 seconds. Arlene gets the wall-walk stands up lands a shot to end the round. 10-9 Gabby
Round 2: 
Gabby opens up with a beautiful double leg and gets full mount. Arlene reverses the position and gets on top but Gabby keeps threatening with the triangle position. Arlene escapes with a small slam and stands the fight up. Gabby shoots for a double leg and gets the takedown and sit in full guard util Herzog stand them up. Gabby eats a shot but ends up on top to end this round. 10-9 Gabby
Round 3: 
Alene knows shes down and presses the action to the cage and makes Gabby eat a knee. Gabby shoots but ends up on bottom but reverses the position and gets in Arlene’s full guard. Arlene gets the wall walk again and gets up but can’t shake Gabby loose. Gabby gets another drag down and gets the full mount. Arlene escapes and hits Gabby with an accidental knee. Herzog stands them up Gabby shoots and ends up on bottom eats a fist. Arlene gets in Armbar position but cannot finish.

Arlene 10-9
My Score:
Gabrielle ‘Gabanator’ Holloway (29-28)

Official Result: 
Arlene ‘Angerfist’ Blencowe (Split Decision) 

Andre ‘Chatuba’ Santos (37-10) vs Josh ‘The Dentist’ Neer (36-14-1)
Round 1:  Andre is the aggressor and pushes Neer to the cage but Neer reverses and escapes. Neer is getting the better of the stand up exchange and lands a few good shots. Andre shoot but ends up on bottom Neer gets the back and flattens out Santos but he escapes the choke. Santos gets back to the feet and eats some shots to end the round. 10-9 Neer
Round 2:
Neer catches a front kick and tries for the takedown but cannot succeed. Neer grips the body then gets the takedown and threatens with a guillotine. Santos escapes and stands but is taking damage against the cage. Santos gets off the cage and tries to stand with Neer but ends up against the cage again. Santos gets off the cage again and hits Neer with a uppercut and Neer is hurt. Santos ends up on top to finish the round. 10-9 Santos
Round 3:
Neer is visibly still hurt from the shot in the second and tries to play it safe. Andre is swinging to finish the fight and shoots again for a takedown but again Neer sprawls and gets the back. Neer is trying for the RNC but cannot finish. Santos escapes and is winning the stand up until Neer pushes him against the cage again but Santos again escapes to end the fight.
10-9 Santos
My Score:
Andre ‘Chatuba’ Santos (29-28)
Official Decision:
Andre ‘Chatuba’ Santos (29-28 UD)

Women’s Featherweight: Julia ‘The Jewel’ Budd (7-2) vs Roberta ‘Crusher’ Paim Rovel (4-0)
Round 1: Julia is the opening aggressor and lands a few good shots and gets Roberta against the cage. Roberta reverses the position and rides out the round in control against the cage. 10-9 Julia
Round 2: 
Julia once again is the aggressor and ends up getting Roberta against the cage again. Julia is landing foot stomps like crazy and continues to damage Roberta. Roberta reverses and lands a couple shots at the end of the round. 10-9 Julia

Round 3: Julia gets the fight to the cage quick and lands a takedown and immediately gets the top position and lands some good ground and pound. She looks to pass the guard and continues to land shots. Roberta gets her leg in a position for a possible knee bar but it’s too late. 10-9 Julia
My Score:
Julia ‘The Jewel’ Budd (30-27)
Official Decision:
 Julia ‘The Jewel’ Budd (UD 30-27)

Middleweight: Ben ‘The Hunter’ Reiter (16-0-1) vs Francisco ‘Kiko’ France (12-3)
Round 1: Kiko is pushing the pace and lands a few good shots and keeps looking to get this fight to the ground. Kiko lands a takedown close to the end of the round but doesn’t do any damage but still is dominant. 10-9 France.
Round 2: Kiko gets the takedown after a small exchange against the cage. Takes the back and secures the RNC to end this fight.

Official Result: Francisco ‘Kiko’ France (Submission RNC 1:08 RD2)

Catchweight (150lbs):
Stephen ‘The Fear’ Banaszak (4-5) vs George ‘Constantine’ Pacurariu (10-4)
Round 1: Stephen is throwing some fancy techniques (spinning back kicks) non of which seem to land. George nails him with a strong hook but Stephen recovers. George goes for the takedown but ends up giving up the neck for the guillotine and it’s all over.
Official Result: Stephen ‘The Fear’ Banaszak (Submission Guillotine 3:42 RD1)

Spike TV Main Card:

Light Heavyweight: Houston ‘The Assassin’ Alexander (16-12-1) vs Guilherme Viana (6-2)
Round 1: Houston is the opening aggressor with multiple shot to Viana’s body and is landing his jab and busted Viana’s nose. VIANA STAGGERS HOUSTON WITH A HOOK!! Houston recovers but not fully and keeps eating a punch whenever the goes in for a punch. Both fighters noses are bloodied. Viana lands punches to finish this round. 10-9 Viana
Round 2:
Houston is visibly hurt from the first round and is still swinging. VIANA STAGGERS HIM AGAIN! Houston recovers but gets clipped again and tries to push the fight against the cage. Viana has Houston’s back and is landing some ground and pound. Houston is back up on his feet but is hurt bad but is still swinging. Houston is cut under his left eye and keeps rubbing away the blood. Houston ends the round searching for the body punch. 10-9 Viana
Round 3:
The doctor calls the fight much to the chagrin of the audience
Official Result: 
Guilherme Viana ( Doctor Stoppage 5:00 RD2)

Welterweight: Chidi ‘Chidi Bang Bang’ Njokuani (13-4) vs Ricky ‘The Sniper’ Rainey (11-3)
Round 1: Chidi opens up the fight in classic Njokuani style looking for the lead inside leg kick. Chidi gets pushed against the cage but escapes and eats a left hook drops for a second but recovers. Now Rainey has Chidi against the cage taking knees to the leg and getting smothered by Rainey. Big John steps in and separates the fighters. Rainey immediately shoots but missed and is now pressed to the cage by Chidi. Who rides it out to the bell. 10-9 Rainey
Round 2:
Chidi hits another leg kick but falls down and Rainey gets to side control but Chidi escapes and pushes Rainey against the cage. Chidi keeps attacking the leg of Rainey. Rainey escapes using a takedown attempt then rushes Chidi to the other side and gets him against the cage. Chidi fights the takedowns but Rainey gets a takedown and Chidi immediately gets up and Big John separates them again. Chidi is winning the stand-up exchanges and Rainey clinches again and gets the fight to the cage. Chidi escapes again and gets pinned against the cage again. 10-9 Chidi
Round 3:
Same as the other two Chidi opens up with hard leg kicks but the fight ends up against the cage. Rainey reverses the position and keeps going for takedowns but can’t seem to get Chidi down. Rainey pushes him against the cage until Big John again steps in to separate. Rainey is having a hard time seeing out of the right eye due to the swelling. Chidi keeps going for the head kick but gets clinched and taken down to end this fight. 10-9 Chidi.
My Score:
 Chidi ‘Chidi Bang Bang’ Njokuani (29-28)

Official Result: Chidi ‘Chidi Bang Bang’ Njokuani (29-28 UD)

Featherweight: Bubba ‘The Highlight Kid’ Jenkins (9-2) vs Jordan ‘Pretty Boy’ Parsons (11-1)
Round 1: Bubba shoots for the takedown and gets the takedown against the cage. Jordan gets up and escapes while Bubba attempts to take his back. Jordan goes for a high kick which is blocked by Bubba. Jordan goes for a 1-2 and gets taken down again but gets up quickly. Jordan is the aggressor in this contest and keeps throwing combinations. Bubba attempts another double leg but gets stuffed and eats a punch on the way out. Jordan goes for a flying knee but gets taken down again to end this round. 10-9 Jenkins
Round 2: 
Both fighters wanna keep this one standing. Jordan looks like he is getting the better of the exchanges. Bubba attempts a spinning backfist but it doesn’t find its home. BUBBA STAGGERS JORDAN WITH A NASTY HEADKICK!!! Bubba’s on top but can’t get the finish Jordan recovers and looks for an armbar from the bottom. Bubba backflips and escapes and ends up on top landing some ground and pound but Jordan escapes. Jordan ends up on top to end this round. 10-9 Jenkins
Round 3: 
Parsons come straight out the gate looking for the knockout. Bubba goes back to his bread and butter and shoots for the takedown but Jordan stuffs it and threatens with a guillotine. Bubba escapes and gets pressed against the cage but escapes again and gets another takedown on the Blackzillian. Jordan posts up but Bubba takes him down again and gets half guard landing some ground and pound. He attempts to take the back but Jordan escapes to end this fight. 10-9 Jenkins
My Score: 
Bubba ‘The Highlight Kid’ Jenkins (30-27)

Official Result: Bubba ‘The Highlight Kid’ Jenkins (Split Decision)

Lightweight: Brandon Girtz (13-4) vs Derek ‘The Stallion’ Campos (15-5)
Round 1: Fight opens up with the fighters feeling out the other. Girtz comes in with a right hook that rocks Campos then another NOW CAMPOS IS DOWN AND GIRTZ FINISHES THIS FIGHT WITH A DEVASTATING KNOCKOUT!
Official Result: Brandon Girtz (Knockout :37 RD1)

Main Event: 

Middleweight: Hisaki ‘The Japanese Musketeer’ Kato (5-1) vs Melvin ‘No Mercy’ Manhoef (29-12-1)
Round 1: Fights come out and it’s the feeling out process for the first minute of the fight. Hisaki opens up his arsenal and begins to press the action MELVIN’S STAGGERED HISAKI COMES IN OMG THEY ARE SWINGING BACK AND FORTH LIKE DIEGO AND GILBERT! Hisaki steps away OH MY GOD MELVIN UNCORKS A LEFT HOOK FROM HELL HISAKI IS OUT!!! 
Official Result: Melvin ‘No Mercy’ Manhoef (Knockout 3:43 RD1)

Fights After The Show:
: Treston Thomison (8-3)  vs Chris ‘Lionheart’ Jones (9-3)

Official Result: Chris ‘Lionheart’ Jones (29-28)
Bantamweight: Klayton ‘Python’ Mai(7-1) vs Roshaun Jones (4-3)
Official Result: Klayton ‘Python’Mai (Submission Guillotine 2:25 RD1)
Welterweight: Justin ‘The Tactician’ Patterson (6-0) vs Codale ‘Crunchtime’ Ford (10-8)
Official Result: Codale ‘Crunchtime’ Ford (Submission RNC 2:17 RD1)
Catchweight (195lbs): Bubba ‘The Menace’ McDaniel (26-10) vs ‘Thunder’ Kenyon Jackson (3-2)
Official Result: Bubba ‘The Menace’ McDaniel (TKO 4:14 RD2)


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