Boxing champ-Tyson Fury would destroy Cain Velasquez

Just yesterday, Tyson Fury became the man to end the over decade long “Klitschko Era” by defeating Wladamir Klitschko for the Boxing Heavyweight Championship.


But it over the past couple years, Fury has aimed a lot of his trash talk toward the UFC- mainly Cain Velasquez. Here’s some of his quotes

“We all know WWE is pretend. And if a pretend fighter (Brock Lesnar) can come in and win the (UFC) heavyweight championship of the world, it doesn’t say a lot, does it?”

“I’ve challenged Cain Velasquez to a fight three times. He’s a little boy who doesn’t want to fight. He said no, live on TV.”

“I would take Cain Velasquez out,” Fury said. “MMA to me is bulls—t. It’s for people who can’t box and like wrestling on the floor. It’s rubbish.”

“I challenge [you] to fight all in in a cage or ring! It could be billed as man vs. midget, let’s get it on! [You] small, stiff idiot,” Fury wrote to Velasquez directly on Twitter.


Velasquez did respond on Inside MMA- Here’s his quote-

“There’s nothing I can do, y’know. I’m in this sport, he’s in that sport. He talks a lot, he’s doing a good job of it for sure. He needs to step in and work his way up. I felt like he doesn’t have a chance, but, okay, if you wanna keep running your mouth then go out there and prove it.”


It is certainly doubtful that the fight will ever happen, but Fury did just prove a major point by becoming the champion of boxing.


Eric Scott

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