Robbie injured? UFC 195 status unknown

UFC welterweight champion- Robbie Lawler was set to make an appearance at Warrior Fight store, by the announced via Facebook that he is injured and can’t fly.image

Warrior Figt Shop is a legitimate business out of Ontario, Canada that has had many fighters appear there including Anderson Silva and Rashad Evans. They said Lawler’s booking manager told them he is injured.

Ariel Helwani has contacted some close to Lawler and they denied he was injured at all despite pulling out of the event due to injury. Maybe he still plans on fighting and doesn’t want to release details on the injury.


Is Lawler really injured? Who knows? What we do know is that he was scheduled to appear at a place other UFC champions have appeared and it’s cancelled, and that the business claims that Lawler’s booking agent said he’s injured.


Lawler could be injured and not let the world know in case he can fight. A scenario that’s played out many times before. Maybe the booking agent lied. Maybe his training partners lied not to give anyone a heads up if he is injured. And maybe Warrior are lying. Maybe time will tell

(Injury story credit to bloody elbow)


Eric Scott

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