Report- Jose Aldo to retire from UFC after UFC 194

Jose Aldo is the only undisputed 145 champion that the UFC has ever known, he was the final WEC champ and is a perfect 15-0 under the ZUFFA banner. But he has been critical of the UFC for years and they’ve been the Same of him.


It it started with him complaining about pay a couple years ago, but the fact does remain he earns PPV bonus money, that no other promotion can compete with. But he never really sold enough PPVs to hit it huge, until UFC 194 that is.


The event is likely to draw over a million PPV buys, and with even a standard PPV bonus contract- that would be over $3 million on top of his other bonuses and standard fight purse. No one else can afford to pay that. But there’s a bigger issue than money.


  • Aldo was scheduled to face McGregor earlier in the year, but pulled out due to rib injury. Aldo claimed he had broken ribs, the UFC claimed he did not and pulled out because of a hard weight cut. Aldo released x-rays to prove the breaks. Dana white said they were old X-rays from a previous injury. Aldo threatened to sue the UFC.


The UFC gave McGregor an interim title fight, despite it not being long since Aldo last fought. McGregor would win by KO. But Aldo may feel the disrespect from the company is too much and he may be looking to leave, win or lose, after his biggest pay day.


Aldo’s sparring partner- Andy Souwer spoke with MMAPlusTV and had this to say


Interviewer: Regardless of win or lose, do you think this is the last time we see Jose Aldo in the Octagon?

Andy Souwer: To be honest, yeah I think. Yeah, I think so.

Interviewer: If he wins, step away on top?

[Souwer nodded]

Interviewer: I think if we look at everything that happened with Dana and the UFC… [Souwer nods] and the way they spoke about Aldo. He seemed like a man scorned and a man hurt because he put his life for that organization.

Andy Souwer: Yes. That’s true. So I think he’s done with it. And ready. I will agree. Whatever he is thinking, it’s his decision. But I think it will be good for him.


It’s unknown whether Aldo’s contract is up and he wants to leave for another company, if he wants to retire or if this is even true at all. But if Aldo leaves, especially with the belt- this would be a huge blow to the UFC.


Eric Scott

photo courtesy of ZUFFAcapture1

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