911 call involving Juliana Peña incident emerges

TMZ released Wednesday two seperate 911 calls made, the night Ultimate Fighter winner Juliana Peña was arrested.

Peña was arrested and charged with two counts of assault last month in December. She allegedly kicked two men in the groin area in an incident following the bar fight.

Police reports state that Peña and a teammate from her training gym  Joshua Gow were involved in a brawl outside a bar in Spokane, Washington. Afterward, Peña and Gow went to a nearby bar called Zola’s to get him cleaned up due to multple lacerations on his face.

Zola’s employees did not allow either fight access due to the estaishment being closed. In the 911 calls, employees stated they were rubbing their bloody faces on the outside window and that two security guards and the owner were trying to keep them out of the establishment.

“They’re professional fighters” said one employee on the emergency call. “They’re going to f*ck sh*t up”.

Peña was arrested that night and released on $5,000 bail. Peña’s pre-trial conference is scheduled for January 19th in Spokane Municipal Court. Check the link below to hear both 911 phone calls made that night:



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