Full details on Wanderlei Silva’s MMA Ban, UFC release and his possible future

 It’s been a long and bumpy road for the former long time Pride champion. After evading a drug test from the Nevada State Athletic Commission- Silva was punished with a lifetime ban despite never failing a single drug test in his career. After the UFC held him under contract and refused to release him, let him make appearances or let him fight. They even said he will never go in the UFC Hall of Fame.

A lot changed after a Nevada District Judge ruled the NAC far exceeded their own power by giving a fighter a lifetime ban on a first offense with no actual failed test. They ruled Nevada has to give him a fair hearing. Since then the commission have delayed the hearing on 4 occasions, denying silva his right to due process and a speedy hearing after exceeding their own authority.

After UFC refused to let Silva make personal appearances for other promotions, as well as not letting him make UFC appearances, Silva was outraged. The UFC had taken away his ability to earn money. And he responded by claims that UFC fights were fixed.

ZUFFA (the parent company of the UFC) immediately sued Silva over the allegations. Now, after two years in limbo, Silva had publicly apologized to the UFC, denied the fight fixing allegations and has finally been released, free to go elsewhere.

Silva retired following the lifetime ban,  but with the ban lifted, and Silva a free agent he may soon be free to fight again, that is if the NAC ever give him his speedy trial.

Eric Scott

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