Kenny Florian suspended from Fox Sports after plagiarism scandal

Former UFC Lightweight and current UFC analyst Kenny “Kenflo” Florian has been suspended by Fox Sports.

This comes following a controversial scandal where Florian was accused of plagiarizing portions of another analyst’s work for an article for Fox Sports announced the suspension on Twitter Saturday afternoon:


Florian allegedly wrote an article for that was purposed for previewing the main event of UFC Fight Night 81: Dillashaw vs. Cruz. Suspicion started to mount however about whether Florian had taken portions of Lee Wylie’s analysis from the Florian soon rendered a formal apology claiming he had only done in unintentionally:


Florian also stated that he intends to explain himself on the next episode of his podcast with fellow UFC commentator Jon Anik. Fox Sports did not state a timeline for Florian’s suspension leaving it indefinite. Florian was expected to be a part of the broadcast team for UFC Fight Night 81 on Sunday and will most likely be replaced by Brian Stann.

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