Latino Fighter Tito Ortiz supports Trump for President

Even though he has faced harsh criticism from Latinos for his harsh criticism of Mexico and illegal immigration, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump received an endorsement from Mexican-Amercan MMA Fighter Tito Ortiz. 

Ortiz is a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion who now fights in the Bellator MMA Light Heavyweight division. Ortiz had previously met Trump by appearing on season nine of The Celebrity Apprentice. He was eventually fired on the show, but not before raising $70,000 in a charity project for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Ortiz announced his support on In The Loop on SportsRadio 610 with Nick Wright and John Lopez. “I’m a Trump guy. I wasn’t in the beginning of course. I’m Mexican and what he said we need to take out all the Mexicans of the United States, well good luck on that one,” said Ortiz. “But in the long run I think he wants to bring money back to our country and with the debt that we are, I think he has an oppurtunity to to do that.” 

Four months ago, Ortiz was less enthusiastic about the presidential candidate by stating in a video he would vote for Kanye West before he would vote for Trump. So Ortiz saying he wasn’t a Trump guy at first was pretty accurate.

Ortiz continued, “It’s not just the Mexicans we have to worry about. It’s the Muslims, it’s the radicals come in, have an oppurtunity to come in from Mexico to our country and do the thing with terrorism that’s hindering our country. We shouldn’t be afraid to walk around and look over our shoulders and some guy  has a bomb in his pocket or something stupid. I think it needs to be taken care of and I don’t believe the President we have now did not do the job. I, think in my opinion, Trump can do a lot better.”

UFC President Dana White also announced his support for Trump, whom Ortiz has feuded with for almost a decade. It looks like they found something they can agree on. Ironically, Ortiz’s ex-partner and former porn actress Jenna Jameson has endorsed Marco Rubio, another Republican presidential candidate.

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