WSOF 28 Play by play analysis and Results is reporting live play by play for all fights tonight at World Series of Fighting 28: Moraes vs. Barajas. in Garden Grove,  California

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Preliminary Results:

Mike Kubeska (0-1-1) vs. Fard Muhammad (2-3)

Round 1: Both men take the center of the cage, Fard advances forward aggressively. Both men exchange shots. Fard pins Kubeska against the cage. Fard allows space, continues to come forward aggressively . Fard eats a right elbow strike from Kubeska and falls to the mat. Kubeska attacks and ends in guard. Fard sweeps from the half guard, both men end up in 50/50 position on the mat. Kubeska attempts a heel hook. Muhammad escapes and advances to Kubeska’s guard. Muhammed lands multiple strikes from the guard. Kubeska is busted open and bleeding. Kubeska attempts a sloppy armbar from the guard. Time ends.
Round winner: Fard Muhammad 10-9

Round 2: Fard continues to advance with aggressive strikes. Both men clinch up and Muhammed gets a trip take-down. A couple effective elbow strikes landed from Fard. Fard loses his mouthpiece, the bout is timed out to sanitize it and place the mouthpiece back in. Fard continues to remain offensive from the guard. Several solid punches again from Fard. Fard again loses his mouthpiece and the fight is timed out. Referee Mike Beltran warns Fard for the multiple drops of his mouthpiece. The fight is stood up. Kubeska lands a huge right hand that drops Muhammed. Mike takes back side mount. Muhammed gives up side control, Mike advances to mount and attempts an armbar. Fard switches over and slams his way out of the submission hold. Round ends
Round Winner: Mike Kubeska 10-9

Round 3: Both men advance more tentively an the start of this round. Mike lands a 1-2 combination keeping Muhammed at bay. Both men clinch, Muhammed lands another trip takedown. Fard attempts to pass guard, Kubeska attempts a leg lock on the Fard’s left leg. Fard once again loses his mouth piece. Mike Beltran takes away one point from Fard Muhammed. Fard continues mild offense from the guard. Kubeska attempts an armbar from the guard once more but Muhammed shakes it off and is still in guard position. After several seconds Mike Beltran stands the fight up. Fard attempts a takedown against the cage and gets it and once again attacks from the guard with ground and pound. Fard’s effectiveness from the guard slims.  Round 3 ends with Fard on top.
Round Winner: Fard Muhammed 9-9

-Bout winner: Fard Muhammed via majority decision (28-28, 29-27, 29-27)

Lightweight bout: Eric Steans Jr. (4-4) vs. Jalin Turner (0-0)

Round 1: Steans comes out with a takedown attempt early. Doesn’t get it. Jalin Turner lands a fight finishing right punch and wins in the first round 38 seconds.

-Bout winner: Jalin Turner via KO round 1 (0:38)

Flyweight bout: Heinrich Wassmer (2-0) vs. Keenan Lewis (3-3)

Round 1: Both men come out with complacent yet fast footwork and movement. Lewis shoots in and lands a massive takedown and fends off a guillotine submission attempt from Wassmer. Lewis advances to half-guard and lands a couple effective strikes. Lewis maintain position in half-guard. Lewis threatens with an arm-triangle submission but Wassmer defends. Referee Mike Beltran stands the fight up. Both mrn land effective combinations. Wassmer lands a spinning back kick to the body but Lewis makes him pay with a huge takedown to end the round.
Round Winner: Keenan Lewis

Round 2: Lewis lands a good leg kick early. Waassmer lands a right hand followed by a takedown but quickly lets Lewis back up. Lewis feints a combination and follows up with his own takedown attempt landed. Lewis maintains position in the guard of Wassmer. Mike Beltran stands the fight up. Lewis attempts another takedown, and as Wassmer defends Lewis lands a good knee to the body. Lewis attempts another takedown. Hassmer scambles to an inverted triangle submission attempts. Seems close and Hassmer lands multiple elbows to the top of the head. Lewis eventually fights off the hold and lands multiple ground and pound shots from on top. Hassmer holds Lewis to half-guard for the duration of the round.
Round winner: Heinrich Wassmer

Round 3: Lewis attempts a head kick. Barely misses and attempts a takedown behind it sucessfully landing. Lewis works mild ground and pound from the guard. Lewis passes to half-guard. Hassmer locks his legs to hold Lewis in position. After a near minute, Referee Mike Beltran stands both men up. Lewis attempts another takedown and Hassmer spawls and scrambles to the back of Lewis. Wassmer attempts and successfully locks a rear naked choke submission.

-Bout winner: Heinrich Wassmer via Rear Naked Choke submission Round 3 (3:02)

Catchweight bout (190 lbs): Garrick Evans (2-1) vs. Isais Alvarado (3-2)

Round 1: Both men touch gloves and Alvarado presses forward landing an overhand right and executing a well timed takedown. Evans moves towards the cage wall and wall-walks. Alvarado maintains pressure with the back clinch against the cage landing knees. Lewis lands a takedown and unleashes a plethora of ground-and-pound shots. Alvarado attacks with a leg-lock submission forcing Lewis off balance and gains Alvarado top position. Alvarado continues to attack with ferocious ground and pound and lands multiple left hands that set up a finishing sequence. The fight is stopped and Alvarado celebrates

-Bout winner: Isais Alvarado via TKO (Strikes) Round 1 (3:21)

Flyweight bout: Steven Ramirez (3-1) vs. Kyle Estrada (2-1)

Round 1: Estrada presses early with a front kick. Ramirez answers with a stunning left hand. Both men exchange combinations. Ramirez is hit with a groin shot and the bout is timed. Ramirez recovers and the bout starts up. Ramirez lands multiple left hand punches in a row dropping Estrada and Ramirez goes for the kill landing multiple unanswered strikes and Referee Big John McCarthy stops the bout.

-Bout winner: Steve Ramirez via KO (Left punches) Round 1 (1:01)


Main Card Results (NBS Sports)

Welterweight bout: Andrew Ramm (4-3) vs. Ozzie Alvarez (6-3)

Round 1: Both men come out and touch gloves. Ramm lands a solid front kick to the body early. Ozzie appears tentative yet composed. Ramm starts to attack the leg with kicks. Ozzie clinches with Andrew and lands a trip takedown landing inside the guard of Ramm. Ramm begins to utilize rubber guard off of his back keeping Alvarez at a disadvantage with no space to land strikes. Alvarez postures enough to break out. Ramm continues to ineffectuate Ozzie’s top offense. Referee Big John McCarthy stands both men up. Alvarez throws a wild left hand and misses. Ramm continues to throw leg kicks. Ozzie finds the back clinch but fails to get Andrew down. The round comes to a close.
Round Winner: Andrew Ramm 10-9

Round 2: Ramm comes out with multiple kicks to the legs and body.Ozzie attempts retaliation with a missed head kick. Alvarez charges in with a left hand right kick combination. Alvarez follows up with a 1-2. Ramm appears stifled and tentative nd slows down his offense. Ozzie beings to land multiple combinations with solid boxing technique. Alvarez lands a big knee to the body and Ramm still appears weakened and slow. Ozzie rushes forward and Ramm catches him with a solid left hand. Ozzie attempts a takedown and slams Ramm onto his back. Ozzie postures up in Ramm’s guard but is unable to land any offense. The round comes to a close.
Round Winner: Ozzie Alvarez 10-9

Round 3: Ramm comes forward aggressively to start the round, and Alvarez makes him pay with a huge takedown once again pinning Ramm to the mat. Alvarez passes to half guard but is quickly forced back into guard. Ozzie continues to try and find effective offense from this position but to no avail. After nearly a full minute, Referee Big John stands them both up. Ozzie lands a good left uppercut while incorporating great footwork to stay elusive. Alvarez maintains movement and attacks when Ramm tries to close distance. Alvarez presses forward and causes both men to stumble. The round comes to a close as Alvarez lands a huge right hand to the chin of Ramm.
Round Winner: Ozzie Alvarez

-Bout Winner: Ozzie Alvarez wins via Unanimous Decision(30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Lightweight bout: Jamie Yager (6-4) vs. Daniel McWilliams (13-32)

Round 1: Both men exchange kicks early. McWilliams goes for a takedown but Yager throws Daniel down and ends up in side control. Yager effortlessly works in a armbar and Daniel taps forcing the ref to stop the bout.

-Bout Winner: Jamie Yager via Armbar submission Round 1 (0:38)

Bantamweight bout: Timur Valiev (10-1) vs. Chris Gutierrez (8-1-1)

Round 1: Gutierez looks to attack the leg early but misses. Valiev seems content to let Gutierrez come forward and instill offense. Valiev finally opens up throwing kicks to the body and legs. Both men remain elusive and hard to hit. Gutierrez lands a left hand to the chin as Valiev attempts a takedown that pins Chris against the cage. Valiev attemps a sambo throw off the cage but Gutierrez defends. Chris finds space and both men meet in the middle. Both men remain tentative but Valiez begins to open up more on the feet. Gutierrez goes for a jumping roundhouse kick but Valiez takes the oppurtunity to clinch up and attampts a takedown but doesn’t get it. Valiev continues pressing forward throwing multiple kicks to the leg. The round concludes.
Round Winner: Timur Valiev 10-9

Round 2: Gutierrez comes out much more aggressive this time. throwing multiple kicsk to the body. Valiev throws his own left crescent head kick keeping Gutierrez honest. Valiev lands a good combination tripping Gutierrez. Gutierrez throws a combination finishing off with a low kick which Valiev grabs and gets his second takedown. Gutierrez manages to get back up by the cage but is soon dragged back down to the mat. Valiev begins to land punches from the guard and the up/down position as he attempts to also pass. Valiev lands several vicious elbows from the guard. Valie passes to half-guard and not soon after, gets side control. Gutierrez scrambles and places Valiev back into the guard. Valiev agains passes into half-guard right as the round comes to a close.
Round Winner: Timur Valiev 10-9

Round 3: Both men come out focused. Valiev still staying aggressive and moving forward using kicks to create space and keepin Gutierrez backpedaling. Gutierrez come forward a 1-3 combination that lands. Valiev slaps another leg kick onto Gutierrez. Again Valiev throws a kick high, landing on the shoulder of Gutierrez. Both men seem intent on picking up their own pace. Valiev comes forward winging and missing me=any punches and kicks but with minimal reaction from Gutierrez. Valiev goes back to the multiple leg kicks though none are too damaging. Valiev comes forward and lands a hard right hand. Gutierrez retaliates with a huge left that drops Valiev with 30 seconds left. Valiev recovers and attempts to take Gutierrez down but unsuccessfully as the bout comes to a close.
Round winner: Chris Gutierrez (10-9)

-Bout winner: Chris Gutierrez wins via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 28-28)

Bantamweight Championship bout: Marlon Moraes (15-4-1) vs. Joseph Barajas (12-1)

Round 1: Marlon opens up with a leg kick. Lands another much harder one. Marlon continues this trend with a third. Marlon lands a kick to the body and goes back to the leg. Marlon Moraes lands another stunning leg kick that drops Barajas where he stood forcing Referee Big John McCarthy to stop the bout.

-Bout winner: Marlon Moraes wins via TKO (Leg Kicks) Round 1 (1:13)

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