Frankie Edgar: “It’s Conor McGregor or bust”

Out of the handful of names that have earned the popular consensus for a title shot in their divisions in the last few years, only to have it snatched away, no one has had to bite down on that bullet harder than UFC Featherweight Frankie “The Answer” Edgar.

The former UFC Lightweight champion Edgar (20-4-1, 14-4-1) is currently riding a 5-fight win streak since losing a 5-round title fight in his divisional debut at Featherweight to then-champ Jose Aldo. Most recently, Edgar notched the biggest win of his current run by knocking out perennial contender Chad “Money” Mendes inside the first round last December. Edgar has also defeated Urijah Faber and Cub Swanson in his latest bouts all but cementing his status as the next contender at  for the Featherweight title.

After defeating Cub Swanson, who was solely promised a title shot should he have been victorious, Edgar believed he should have been next in line for the title based on his dominating performance where he submitted Swanson in the final round. Frankie would however be passed on the next shot by Conor McGregor who would defeat Dennis Siver just one month later. Aldo and McGregor were set to fight at UFC 189 in July last year, but when Aldo pulled out leaving an opening in the headliner of the PPV, Edgar expected a magnanimous phone call, but was instead passed on again this time by Chad Mendes.

Edgar has now seemingly placed himself on the cusp of a title shot once again, but it could be marred by the ever building schedule that has been set for new Featherweight champ Conor McGregor who will compete in March for the UFC Lightweight title against Rafael dos Anjos. One could understand the amounting frustration on the part of Edgar, who for whatever reason can’t seem to get the UFC’s proper attention in getting what he believe’s he has earned. After speaking with Edgar this past Saturday however, Edgar still remains patient and calm and is eager to see what will happen in the main event of UFC 196.

“I don’t know what’s really gonna happen, I’m waiting for the outcome of that fight and see what Conor’s going to do next” says Edgar. “But he has his hands full with dos Anjos. He’s an animal. I don’t know if he’s going to get over that hump. I’m hoping whatever happens, he drops back down to 145 and I get my shot at him.

Edgar wasn’t shy in making his prediction in the Irishman’s next fight.

“I’m leaning towards dos Anjos. “Edgar said. “I think he is just more well-rounded than Conor. But Conor ‘does have that stopping power as we’ve seen it, but I’m still sticking with dos Anjos. I think if he does lose that fight, I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t move back down and defend that 145 pound title and I was told [several times] I was getting that next shot and I do think I’m going to get it.”

When asked of a possible contingency on the part of the UFC if another fight was to be offered to Edgar, the former champ refused to budge from the spotlight where he feels he belongs.

“One name on my brain. That’s Conor McGregor, that’s that 145 pound title. Even more than Conor I want that Featherweight belt, but if I can take it from Conor, that’s event better. Nothing gives. It’s Conor McGregor or bust.”

When referred to Conor’s possible move up to the Welterweight following his bout with dos Anjos in March, Edgar chimed in his final thoughts.

“I don’t know. I think he needs to concentrate on dos Anjos before he worries about the 170 pound title.” Edgar replied. “He’s got big dreams and stuff and that’s great and all but I am the guy he’s got to fight. He hasn’t even defended that 45 pound title and I think I’m the guy to beat him, I know I’m the guy to beat him.”

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