Fight’s to Make after UFC London- by Eric Scott

Fellow writer- Ion gave his opinion who should fight after UFC Fight Night: Silva vs Bisping but my opinions differ from his. Here are my fights to make 
Silva vs Bisping II

This was one of the most controversial fights you will ever see. Not only was the decision razor thin, and causing an uproar by many fans, but there was also a false finish. Silva hit a flying knee that seemingly finished the right in round 3. 
After the knee Bisping stayed down for about 20 seconds after the round ended until helped up. And despite the fight being so close on a 10 point must scoring system, overall Silva seemed to do much more damage, and seemed to be te overall superior fighter.
A rematch seems to be the only fight that makes sense for Silva, and for Bisping at this point he’s got no easy fights in front of him. This seems the most lucrative and a chance for both men to prove who was truely the superior fighter. And the first was a fight of the year candidate, always worth a rematch. 
Gegard Mousasi vs Uriah Hall vs Brunson winner

Mousasi has been inconsistent to say the least in his UFC career but he’s without a doubt a top talent. After a dominant first round against Hall a few months ago , he was caught with a kick and TKOed in round 2. A rematch could be excellent as could a match with Brunson who has been on a tear

Eric Scott 


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