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Holly Holm, Sara McMann, and Cat Zingano all Call Out Miesha Tate


Despite the news that new UFC Women’s Batamweight Title Holder Miesha Tate will fight former Champion Ronda Rousey later this year, former Tate and Rousey opponents are calling out Tate for the next match. Holly Holm, Cat Zingano, and Sara McMann have used social media to try to be the next opponent for the new champion. Tate had previously been the Strikeforce Champion until Rousey defeated her via armbar in the first round.

Sara McMann was the first to call her out on March 5, making the announcement via Twitter. McMann had fought Tate at UFC 183, and rocked her badly in the first round with a punch that fractured Tate’s eye socket. But Tate managed to out-grapple McMann in the next two rounds to win a decision. McMann fought Ronda Rousey for the title at UFC 170, but lost within 66 seconds of the first round after Rousey kneed McMann in the liver, causing her to collapse.

The next and a much more outspoken Cat Zingano is also campaigning to fight Tate. Where McMann has made only tweet (repeated on Instagram and Facebook), Zingano has made several tweets and other social mediaa posts calling on Tate and UFC President to set up a rematch at UFC 200. Zingano is going so far even telling Rousey to stand down so she can have a shot at her.


Tate and McMann had fought before at the TUF 17 Finale, where Tate dominated the first two rounds, but Zingano would rally in the third to win a TKO over Tate using knees and pucnhes. Zingano lost a title fight to Rousey at UFC 184, where she was submitted by armbar in 14 seconds of the first round.


And finally the woman Tate defeated for the title , Holly Holm, is also campaigning for a rematch at UFC 200. Unlike the others, Holm first made the announcement on Instagram, then later shared it on Twitter and Facebook. Holm had knocked out the seemingly indestructible Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 by way of punches and a high-kick. Holm was the favorite at UFC 196 over Tate since Rousey beat Tate twice. Holm was winning the fight on points, until Tate managed to submit Holm with a rear-naked-choke.


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