WSOF 29 play by play results

We are reporting live from the Bank of Colorado Arena in Greeley, Colorado at World Series of Fighting 29: Gaethje vs. Foster and will be bringing you live results and play by play.

Middleweight bout: Danny Mainus vs. Brandon Royval

Round 1: Mainus lands a left hand early. Mainus and Royval exchange heavy shots early. Mainus drops Royval with a left hand. Royval scambals and gets Mainus down on to his back. Mainus scrambles from the guard to sweep and find the guard of Royval. Royval pushes Mainus off and Mainus opts to have the fights stood back up. Royval begins to pressure forward landing kicks to body and several combinations. Royval throws a high kick where the knee lands across the face of Mainus knockoing him unconscious

Result: Brandon Royval via Knockout Round 1 (2:48) 

Featherweight bout: Josh Huber vs. Clay Wimer

Round 1: Huber catches a low blow early both fighters reset. Wimer lands a solid body kick but Huber retaliates with hard leg kick. Hube lands a big left hand early. Tries to retaliate but eats a similarly hard left hand. Huber begins to press forward with leg kicks. Wimer looks tentative early. Huber lands a damaging leg kick but Wimer fires one back that stuns Huber where he stands. Both men exchange with Huber landing yet another hard left hand. Wimar lands a solid body kick, but Hubar presses forward landing a knee and has Wimar hurt against the cage and lands multiple knees. Wimer tries to keep Huber at bay with kicks but is countered by Huber who lands a huge right hand that drops Wimer. Huber stalks over Wimer and lands multiple ground and pound shots but Wimer will survive the round

Round winner: Huber 10-9

Round 2: Wimar comes out more aggressive this round and lands a solid right hand and pressures forward with kicks to the body and legs. Wimer begins to land multiple kicks to the leg that noticeably hurt Huber. Wimer catches a kick thrown and lands a takedown. Wimer catches his breath from this position but Huber sweeps Wimer and gets to the full guard position. Huber over commits on his ground and pound and Wimer transitions to the back of Huber. Huber stands to shack him off and begins attacking with damaging hammer fists from the guard. Huber passes from the guard to side control. After some mild ground and pound landed Wimer regains the full guard. Huber continues to look for some ground and pound. Wimer survives from this position to see the next round.

Round winner: Huber 10-9

Round 3: Wimer again attempts to gain momentum at the start of the round throwing kicks to the body and legs. Huber keeps the center of the cage and pressures forward. Wimer begins throwing many combinations to the head and body, missing most strikes. Wimer backs up momentarily only to attempt a takedown that Huber stuffs and sprawls over to the side back mount position. Huber throws a couple knees before Wimer scrambles and attempts a guillotine choke but fails to complete. Huber now finds himself in Wimers guard and begins landing mild ground and pound. Wimer closes the guard but Huber breaks free and begins landing meaningful hammerfists from the guard doing noticeable damage. As Huber pauses, Wimer again attempts the guillotine submission but once again fails after only a couple seconds. Huber remains on top and finishes the round with some more mild ground and pound.

Round winner: Huber 10-9

Result: Josh Huber wins via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27, 30-27)

Middleweight bout: Ian Henisch vs. Tyler Vogel

Round 1: Ian comes out with a hard right early. Attempts a flying kneen no soon after but misses. Henisch then goes for a double leg takedown and gets it s. Vogel quickly gets back up but Henisch lands multiple shots upon his exit. Vogel begins to land the jab. Henisch then goes for a takedown against the cage. Vogel lands multiple elbows to the back and side of the head of Henisch and is warned by the ref in-action. Henisch continues applying pressure against the cage and attempts to the throw Vogel awkwardly landing him on his head but both men scramble back to their feet. Both men land comnbinations in mild exchanges. Henisch lands a meaningful superman punch. Henisch continues to press forward and lands a good jab but eats an uppercut from Vogel. Henisch then gets a takedown and finishes the round on top.

Round winner: Ian Henisch (10-9)

Round 2: Vogel thows a body kick to start the round. Henisch presses forward and eats a couple counters from Vogel. Vogel begins to land multiple combinations despite Henisch taking the center of the cage. Henisch continues to press forward but eats several leg kicks from Vogel. Henisch lands a reaching right hand, but while coming forward doesn’t land much else. After a full minute Henisch, while still not landing much, continues to come forward with Vogel showing minimal action. With a minute to go, Henisch lands a hard earned takedown and attacks with elbows from side control position against the cage. Vogel regains half guard position with Henisch once again finishing the round on top.

Round winner: Ian Henisch (10-9)

Round 3: Henisch comes forward again much more aggressive and lands multiple kicks to the body with some mild punches to the head. Henisch goes for a takedown and Vogel scrambles out but lands an illegal knee to a downed Henisch. He is deducted one point and Henisch is giving some time to recover. Henisch lands a left hand and switches to a takedown which he gets landing himself in Vogel’s guard. Henisch begins landing mild ground and pound from this position while Vogel slowly slithers towards the cage. Henisch continues for a full minute of landing ground and pound from this position be

Results: Ian Henisch via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 29-27)


Welterweight bout: Josh Cavan vs. Kris Hocum

Round 1: Cavan shoots for a takedown early and pins Hocum against the cage but Hocum shoves Cavan off. Hocum delivers a decent right hand and not soon after is defending another Cavan takedown. Hocum then lands a HARD leg kick. Cavan again shoots for a takedown that pins Hocum against the cage. With no action, referee separates both men and Cavan comes forward aggressively and lands multiple hard legs kicks of his own. After eating a right hand, Cavan goes for his fourth takedown try of the night and again pins Hocum against the cage. Hocum escapes again. Both men clinch up and lands multiple blows to each other with Cavan forcing Hocum against the cage as the bell sounds to end the round.

Round Winner: Josh Cavan (10-9)

Round 2: Cavan comes forward aggressively and is countered by a right hand. Hocum begins to land knees to the head of Cavan. After being pinned to the cage, Cavan escapes and creates space. Hocum begins to establish a jab, landing multiple shots behind each attempt. Blood begins to pour from the nose of Cavan who then attempts a takedown against the cage, bringing Hocum to his knees. Cavan then transitions to side back mount but Hocum powers out by standing and takes the center of the cage. Cavan then attempts a sixth takedown that pins Hocum against the cage but pulls out and lands a right hand. Cavan attempts one final takedown that pins Hocum against the cage before the bell rings.

Round Winner: Kris Hocum (10-9)

Round 3: Hocum starts the round off with some feint strikes before going for his first takedown of the night and lands it. Moments later, Cavan scrambles back to his feet but Hocum keeps him pinned to the cage before pulling out and taking the center of the cage. Cavan throws and lands a body kick, and follows that up with a takedown against the cage before eventually dragging him down onto his back against the cage. Cavan then transitioning to side back mount position and attempts to get hooks in. Failing to do so, Cavan lands several shots to the head. Hocum manages to scramble out but Cavan continues to apply immense pressure and once again pins him to the cage. Hocum attempts a kimura and pulls guard. Cavan takes the opportunity to take the back of Hocum this time with both hooks in. Cavan lands multiple shots to the head to close out the third and final round.

Round Winner: Josh Cavan (10-9)

Result: Kris Hocum via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Middleweight bout: Cory Devela vs. Louis Taylor

Round 1: Devela comes out with a missed leg kick. Devela follows that up with a takedown that Taylor stuffs and implements a standing guillotine choke tightly. Moments later Devela is unconcious and the fight is over.

Result: Louis Taylor wins via Guillotine submission (Round 1 0:29)

Heavyweight bout: Josh Copeland vs. Mike Hayes

Round 1: Copeland lands a lead jab early and follows it up with a one-two combination. Copeland continues to come forward. Copeland feints a right hand and goes for a takedown then opting to take the back of Hayes and pressures him against the cage. Copeland begins to land mild strikes against the cage. Mike Hayes uses a Thai plumb to threaten and exit from the cage. Both men exchange hard shots eagerly. Copeland comes forward land multiple strikes as Hyes continues to backpeddle. Hayes lands a body kick that halts Copeland from moving forward. Hayes looks for meaningful strikes but eats a couple counters from Josh that put him on the offense once again. Copeland lands a couple right hands to end the first round.

Round Winner: Josh Copeland (10-9)

Round 2: Josh continues to come forward and land that right hand but not flush. One minute into the round and Copeland has moved forward only thus far, and continues to look for the overhand right hand. Copeland changes it up and leads with a left hook that lands. Copeland continues the trend of leading with either the overhand right or the lead left hook while Hayes is unable to land anything of merit. Hayes lands a jab that drops out the mouthpiece of Copeland. Copeland continues to build momentum with his overhand right and left hook that lands repeatedly. At the ten second mark, Hayes comes forward with a combination that forces Copeland against the cage but Copeland maintains composure.

Round winner: Josh Copeland (10-9)

Round 3: Copeland starts the round pressing forward looking for haymakers. After a clinch is initiated, Copeland presses Hayes against the cage. Hayes soon finds an exit and the men center up. Both men begin pushing a faster pace, landing a variety of strikes back and forth with Hayes finding momentum and forcing Copeland backwards. Copeland keeps Hayes honest with a strong lead jab. Hayes feints a takedown that leads to Copeland charging forward with multiple strike but not landing much. During an exchage, Copeland lands a solid uppercut. Hayes begins to jab to the body as well as using efective head movement to avoid anything too dangerous. During another exchange Copeland presses forward and as the ten second mark sounds both men throw strikes recklessly looking for the finish. Unable to do so, the fight ends.

Round winner: Josh Copeland (10-9)

Result: Josh Copeland wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

 Lightweight championship bout: Justin Gaethje vs. Brian Foster

Round 1:






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