Jon Jones’ Mother’s Leg Was Amputated On The Week Of UFC 197


In turns out that ring rust and brief stints and jail weren’t the only distractions the former UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones had to deal with before the UFC 197 fight with Ovince St. Preux on April 21. Jones revealed to MMA Junkie during a UFC 200 press conference in New York that his mom lost her leg to diabetes on the same week on the fight. Video of the press conference can be seen here,

“In my last fight, you know, I had a lot of stuff stacked up against me. A lot of you guys don’t really realize what’s been going on in my personal life. My mom is in a real bad position. She’s really losing a fight to diabetes right now. She got her leg cut off the same week of my fight. So that really messed with me a lot. I was in jail the same month of my fight. Just going through a lot of stuff, man. I hadn’t fought in over 15 months. Everyone’s talking about my performance being so bad. I got punched twice. I won by unanimous decision. So it’s like, if that’s a bad performance, then look at the level people expect from me. It’s really not a bad problem to have. I went out there, I didn’t feel comfortable in the Octagon, and I still absolutely dominated that fight,” said Jones.

Later, Jone made a tweet regarding the status of his mother’s recovery.

It’s sad news, and I’m sure many in MMA community will happily send their thoughts and prayers to Mrs. Jones. God Speed to both of them.

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