Conor McGregor goes on Twitter rant, Nate Diaz reacts accordingly

The Conor McGregor saga continues as the most prolific fighter on the UFC roster once again attempted to shake up the MMA landscape.

While it has been well documented that Conor McGregor has been lobbying for the opportunity to once again fight Nate Diaz in a Welterweight rematch of their UFC 196 bout back in March, it appears as though the next likely fight for the Irishman will be against the winner of Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo. This coming from UFC President Dana White who was none to thrilled that McGregor elected to skip media and press tours in promoting UFC 200, which prompted White to remove Conor from the top slot and the card altogether.

Since the decision was made, Conor has continued a steadfast charge on social media clamoring to the proomotion that the fight with Diaz is the fight that the promotion absolutely needs to make. While this point can be debated among fans and media, Conor elected to take to Twitter Monday morning and once again voice his thoughts on the necessity of a McGregor-Diaz II bout.






While this speaks volumes as to the degree of desire McGregor has for this bout, and possibly how much any bout involving him sells, Nate Diaz had the most Nate Diaz response to McGregor’s rant only hours.


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