Mark Hunt goes off on UFC: “F**k the UFC, you are s**t”

Mark Hunt isn’t letting this go.

Nor should he. Following the news that his UFC 200 opponent, Brock Lesnar, popped for a banned substance, very little has been hinted from the UFC that anything will be done in light of this news. In fact, the UFC has already claimed that they don’t plan to penalize Lesnar financially and that only USADA will be able to enforce a fine.

Aside from ripping UFC and threatening to start a fighter union, “Super Samoan” Hunt has also lobbied to get a piece of Lesnar’s $2.5 million payday.

“I don’t want to be a part of this company unless they do something about this shit. They need to do something about this cheating. It’s like the whole roster is cheating. One person gets pinched and another person gets pinched, and they are not doing anything about it. People say this is the hurt business, I understand that, but if you’re going to make it the cheating sport, then let’s all fucking cheat. Let’s all cheat, stick needles in our assess and see who’s the first person to die. I mean this is ridiculous. It took years and years for something to be done about that scummy cheater Armstrong, how long is it going to take for something to happen on this sport? Until someone dies? Then let’s lay some charges against these cheaters.”

While Lesnar’s treatment may seem mild, many would certainly call it unique as Chad Mendes” two year ban from the sport following his positive test certainly doesn’t feel light.

If you ask the mammoth-hitting Heavyweight, he would personally love to see all anti-doping offenders go to an actual criminal court to answer for their transgressions, lose all of their winnings, on top of facing a fine and a five-to-10-year ban.

As far as fines go, Lesnar won’t face one from UFC, as they will leave that up to Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) when Brock eventually has his day in front of the commissioners. And if Brock and the rest of the “cheaters” aren’t punished properly, Hunt is moving on to a different promotion:

“I want to be a part of a company that says we don’t want you cheating, or else every monkey will be able to. No, I got to work somewhere else. Like I said, if we have to sue their asses, well then fuck you, you’re getting sued. You scummy cunts. The problem is, guys are like I want to get into the UFC, well fuck the UFC, you are shit. You motherfuckers don’t look after nobody. You just go, ‘Here, fight this motherfucker here, stupid fucking……we’ll let this fucking white piece of shit stick a needle in his ass and let him cheat all the way to the bank. Let’s give him millions of dollars and not worry about this motherfucker. You know what? Fuck that and fuck your shit company. You can sue me on that, you motherfuckers.”


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  1. Mark Hunt is the fighter I look up to so it’s kind of upsetting when you see treatment like this. The UFC apparently knew Brock was doping but didn’t mention it prior in order to save the main card. It’s all about business and numbers for this organisation, fighters come last. Even more shocking is how no one from UFC is talking about compensation towards Hunt

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