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Why Conor McGregor is the MVP of MMA


“Right From the Jump.” After reading that headline you either completely agree, or it just made you a little sick. The notorious Conor McGregor has that effect on people. The McGregor Effect reminds me of a character from the movie Private Parts, starring Howard Stern, where he hosts a radio show. Howard’s character says unpopular things, rubs people the wrong way, and many, many people can’t stand him. But when the ratings came in they were huge.

The bosses couldn’t believe it. How could the ratings be such a success with so many people hating this guy? The station manager asks that very question. Well, research showed that those who liked Howard’s character, liked him because they wanted to know what he was going to say next. What about the haters, the ones that didn’t like him? Research showed that they also listened to his show to hear what he’d say next.

That is, without a doubt, Conor McGregor. You never know what this guy is going to say or do next. He is just as valuable on the mic as he is in the cage. The people want to see him. Whether or not you like him, press conferences, weigh-ins, and all interviews are taken to another level when they involve McGregor. Not to mention, the guy breaks records: fastest finish in a title fight, most knockouts in Featherweight history, and several others.

Also, he puts on one heck of a show. Last night at UFC 202, Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz battled it out for 5 rounds, With Conor winning the decision.  Many are calling it fight of the year. It was a back and forth war and a very close, entertaining fight. In this business , that’s what it’s all about, entertainment.  Putting fans in the seats.

Which brings me to my next point, his PPV numbers are incredible. Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson may be number 1 on the pound-for-pound list, but how valuable can you be when they have to shut down the upper parts of a stadium because ticket sales bombed so bad. You could make a case for Ronda Rousey as the MVP of MMA. She is a superstar, but many believe she’s never coming back and if she does, it’ll only be for one fight.

Who’s left to challenge McGregor for the MVP title? GSP and Anderson Silva never sold pay-per-views the way McGregor does. Their biggest fights were against Nick Diaz and Chael Sonnen, trash talkers who sold the fight better than they did. Jon Jones can’t keep his stuff together long enough to get a fight. That leaves McGregor as the unchallenged MVP. If you were starting an MMA promotion, that’d be the guy you’d want. He is more valuable than any other fighter, at least from a promoter’s view point.

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