McGregor VS Alvarez is now official for 205.

Conor McGregor VS Eddie Alvarez is now official for UFC 205. This fight will take place in New York. This will be New Yorks first UFC event, now that MMA is legal in the big apple. No word yet on whether or not Conor will have to give up the 145 pound title. Dana White has said in the past that, if Conor doesn’t go back down to 145, that is what will happen. Making Jose Aldo the new champion. Aldo is the current interim Champion.

Dana White has yet to comment on the new match up and if Conor will be stripped of his featherweight title . Conor is coming off a great 5 round war with Nate Diaz. A fight that many are calling fight of the year. Conor’s star power will no doubt bring new life to UFC 205. An event that is already becoming one of the hottest cards of 2016.

Eddie Alvarez is coming off a first round knock out win against Rafael dos Anjos. This will no doubt be a great pay day for Alvarez. Like many other fighters,  Eddie is ready to get in on that Conor McGregor money. The first question that comes to mind, will Conor get the chance to become the very first fighter in UFC history, to become a champ in two divisions. Or will he be stripped of the Featherweight title? Stay tuned to the Outsiders page as more details become available.

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