It’s Time To Respect Michael Bisping

Dan Henderson VS Michael Bisping was one for the history books. I seem to say this every article, but it was a 5 round war and potential fight of the year. Leading up to this fight we all knew Dan Henderson was planning his retirement. Hoping to win UFC gold before he calls it a career. Michael Bisping was looking to get revenge on Hendo, who beat Bisping back at UFC 100 by knock out. One of the nastiest knock outs you will ever see. The rematch between Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping did not disappoint, unless you were a Henderson fan.

Michael Bisping came away with a unanimous decision, defending his title in front of his hometown fans. Both fighters really had their moments. Micheal Bisping out struck Henderson. Henderson didn’t land as many, but when he did, he made them count. Almost finishing Micheal in the first round. When Bisping got back to his feet after getting dropped with an H-bomb, it was clear right away that he was cut, and that he had massive swelling on his eye. It’s a miracle that he survived that first round. A true testament to how durable Bisping is and how much Heart he has.

The second round went the same way. Michael was winning for several minutes of the round and bam, nailed with an H bomb. Bisping got dropped , but this time he was able to recover better, limited Dan from reigning down ground and pound. Then comes the third round, Dan no longer has the same pep on his punches and went several minutes without much offense. Dan picked it back up again in the 5th round , scored a take down. When it was all said and done, Michael Bisping pulled off the unanimous decision.

When you take a look back at what Michael Bisping has accomplished, It’s pretty impressive.  He took a fight against Luke Rockhold on 2 weeks notice. A guy who had already beat him, finished him in fact. Michael was a huge underdog in that fight. Luke had just brutally destroyed Chris Wiedman, a guy who was undefeated and had several title defenses under his belt. Michael finally gets a title shot after all these years,  and it’s on two weeks notice. That’s so bitter sweet. Michael Bisping goes in there and knocks Luke out in the first round.

Before the Henderson fight and the Rockhold fight, Micheal Bisping took on Anderson Silva. Many have Anderson Silva as the greatest martial artist ever. His list of accomplishments would fill up this article. This was another 5 round war, Where Bisping at one point got dropped and hurt really bad. The bell rings, Bisping goes back to his corner and just shakes it off and goes on to beat Anderson Silva in a 5 round fight. People thought Anderson was a jedi or part of the Matrix, you seen what he did to Forrest Griffin. Bisping again, was a huge underdog.

Rewind even farther , Michael Bisping is an Ultimate fighter winner, taking season 3. Remember everyong getting all tore up because he wasn’t humble after the Matt Hamill fight? It really makes no sense why one fighter can say rude things and the people will love him for it, another fighter can say and do the same stuff, and the people will hate him for it. I guess I’ll never understand the logic behind that, but it’s time to respect Michael Bisping.

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