UFC 207 Preview

UFC 207 is set for today, December 30th. This will be the last fight card of 2016. We have two championship fights and a stacked card. Cain Velasquez VS Fabricio Werdum was suppose to be on this card but the NAC pulled Cain from competition. You can find all that info in a previous article, lets jump right into the main card.

Amanda Nunes VS Ronda Rousey –

This will be the return fight for Ronda Rousey. We last saw Ronda take on Holly Holm. A fight where Holly won by head kick knock out over a year ago. This will be the first fight where Ronda isn’t the champion. We have seen very little of Ronda since her loss. Even in the build up to this fight Ronda has shunned the media, it’s unheard of. She has given no interviews, no fighter has ever got away with it before. At the end of the day they are still going to fight and that’s what really matters.

Amanda Nunes took the championship belt from Meisha Tate back on UFC 200. She was very dominant in that fight. Miesha said Nunes hit her harder than she has ever been hit and went on to say that Nunes is probably the hardest hitter in the women’s bantamweight division. While the promos have focused mostly on Ronda, Amanda said she is just fine with that and doesn’t crave the spotlight. A win over Ronda will certainly gain her a ton of attention. Ronda was built up to be unbeatable and many couldn’t believe it when she did finally lose. Even though Ronda did finally lose and left the game for a year, many still rank her as the greatest female MMA fighter ever.

Dominick Cruz VS Cody Garbrandt –

This is the co-main event of the night, bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz looks to defend his title against Cody Garbrandt. Cody is another team Alpha Male fighter and as you know, team Alpha Male fighters can’t stand Dominick. The rivalry started with Cruz and Urijah Faber and grew from there. Dominick most recently defended his title against Faber back in June, Dominick easily won the 5 round decision. Cruz has probably had more set backs than anyone in the sport and this will be the first time he’s managed to fight 3 times in one year inside of the UFC.

Cody is a tough challenger who has a real tendency to knock people out. He’s currently the 5th ranked bantamweight in the UFC and is 10-0. His last three fights in the UFC came by first round knock out. The feud between these two is real, we have seen massive amounts of trash talk. Daniel Cormier had to split these two up, security has had to step in a couple times as well. During the promos they put them in different rooms and that barely worked as Cody took his mic off and tried to go in the other room after Cruz. If you’re not excited for this fight you might want to check and make sure you have a pulse.

T.J. Dillashaw VS John Lineker –

Another great fight on a great card. T.J. is coming off a win over Raphael Assuncao back on UFC 200. T.J. lost his bantamweight title to Dominick Cruz by split decision back in January. No doubt he’s looking to climb the ranks and get another shot at the title. You could arguably say that Dillashaw is the best fighter to come out of The Ultimate Fighter who didn’t actually win the show. He has amazing combos, speed and footwork. His fight against Dominick Cruz was one of the best of 2016.

John Lineker is a guy who has had trouble making weight in the past, he made weight just fine for this fight, that’s a good sign. We last saw John Lineker win a split decision over John Dodson back in October. He is riding a 6 fight win streak and currently 10-2 inside the octagon. T.J. will arguably be the biggest challenge so far of his career. A win over T.J. could very well put him in line for a title shot, especially if he can finish him.

Johny Hendricks VS Neil Magny –

This will be the main event of the pre-lims. Johny Hendricks missed weight for this fight, he will be penalized 20% of his purse. Hendricks is a former welterweight champion and has seen his stock take a big hit. Losing 3 out of his last 4 fights. Losing sucks but losing to guys like Stephan Thompson, Kelvin Gastelum or Robbie Lawler could happen to just about anyone. Lots of guys come into the UFC with undefeated records and then go on to win about 50% of their UFC fights, the best of the best are in this promotion.

Neil Magny last took on Lorenz Larkin back on UFC 202. Magny lost this fight by TKO in the first round. Before that he was on a 3 fight win streak, beating Erick Silva, Kelvin Gastelum and Hector Lombard. Johny and Neil have both fought Kelvin Gastelum, Kelvin lost to Neil and beat Johny. We all know MMA math doesn’t mean much though. This is a great match up to end the pre-lims with. Neil is a 11-4 in the UFC.

After Going Years Without Violation, Josh Barnett Fails Another Drug Test


After having a supposedly clean fight record for seven years, the 39-year old Josh Barnett has been flagged for potentially using banned substances in a out-of-completion test on December 9. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion has had a controversial history of failed drug tests, but seemed to have cleaned up act until today.

Barnett (35-8) defeated Randy Couture of the UFC Heavyweight Title at UFC 36 back in 2002. He was shortly stripped of the UFC heavyweight title back in 2002 after failing two tests for banned substances. He also tested positive for anabolic steroid for an upcoming 2009 Affliction Entertainment fight with former  Pride Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko, and the  whole card had to be scrapped.

Barnett then competed in the Strikeforce heavyweight division and defeated fighters such as Brett Rogers and Sergei Kharitonov. He lost however to the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier for the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Championship in 2012. In 2013, Barnett returned to the UFC in 2013 where defeated another former UFC Champion in the first round by TKO at UFC 164. Later that year, Barnett would lose to Travis Browne in the first round via TKO at UFC 168. Barnett would make  a comeback in 2015 by defeating Roy Nelson via decision. He would lose his next fight to Ben Rothwell in 2016, but bounced back with victory over yet another former UFC HW Champion Andrei Arlovski.

NAC pulls Cain Velasquez from UFC 207

Many rumors were going around that Cain was going to pull out of his match up with Fabricio Werdum on December 30th. It is now confirmed that Cain will not be fighting on the UFC 207 card. That leaves Fabricio Werdum without a dance partner, it’s worth mentioning that Jr Dos Santos has volunteered to step in on short notice.

Commission executive director Bob Bennett confirmed this with Ariel Helwani Saturday that Cain has been pulled. This all started with Cain Velasquez telling ESPN that his pain was severe and only manageable with cannabis oil. While Cain and his camp all stated that Cain was good to go and the fight would go as planed and Cain tweeted several hours ago that he wasn’t sure what’s going on now. It turns out it’s no longer up to Cain and this fight is in fact canceled.

Cain Velasquez didn’t do himself any favors giving that interview to ESPN.com. Going public with his pain in that interview is what caught that attention of the Nevada Athletic Commission. Maybe that was his plan, go public and get pulled, making it look like it wasn’t his choice. He wanted this fight really bad though, maybe he’s kicking himself for ever telling ESPN the inside details of his training.

Unless you are faking an injury and you want to drop your opponents guard, you gain nothing from letting other know you are struggling. Other fighters can certainly learn from this, i’m not saying I want to see fighters who are hurt take fights. I’m just saying if you truly intend to fight and you are hurt, you might want to watch how you word things and what information you make public.

Cris Cyborg tested positive for diuretic. Looking at a possible 1-year suspension.

So not long after the exciting news that the UFC had created a women’s featherweight division, we have bad news for Cris Cyborg. She was notified of a potential doping violation today. She tested positive for the diuretic in an out of competition test taking place on December 5th. Below you can find first, a statement from the UFC  and then a statement from Cris Cyborg.

The UFC organization was formally notified today that the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has informed Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino of a potential Anti-Doping Policy violation stemming from an out-of-competition sample collection on December 5, 2016.

USADA, the independent administrator of the UFC Anti-Doping Policy, will handle the results management and appropriate adjudication of this case. It is important to note that, under the UFC Anti-Doping Policy, there is a full fair legal review process that is afforded to all athletes before any sanctions are imposed.

Consistent with all previous potential anti-doping violations, additional information or UFC statements will be provided at the appropriate time as the process moves forward.

Cris Cyborg released this statement about her current situation. She says that what she was taking was prescribed to her by a doctor who is well informed on USADA guidelines.

I have been notified today by USADA of a potential violation stemming from an Out of Competition Sample collected Dec. 5 2016.

USADA is an independent administrator of the UFC Anti Doping policy and will be responsible for the review and any sanctioning if imposed.

It has been brought to my attention that my recent sample contained a banned substance known as Spironolactone. The substance is part of a therapeutic treatment being administered to me by doctor that started the 26th of September and is suppose to last for a period of no less than 90 days, requiring blood exams at the completion. In addition to the treatment administered to me by Dr Ulyssea M Da C O Pinto (CRM-PR19062/CRM-RJ 30150-9/CRM SC 2740/ CRM -RO 2630) I was given a medical suspension by her not to enter into competition style training or weight cutting practices during the period of recovery. It is for those reasons why I declined the UFC fight Feb. 11th 2016 for the first 145lbs belt.

I am proud to be a member of USADA, and was the first fighter to complete 1 year of testing under USADA programs before competing in UFC competition.

I have been tested 14 times since entering the program, twice in Q4 in 2016 and have never had a flagged sample.

My Dr. is experienced with USADA testing and informed me there were no additional steps needed for approval with the associated treatments given to me following my UFC Brasilia fight.

we are being fully cooperating with USADA at this time and have already started the process of applying for a retroactive therapeutic use exemption.

For my fans who are disappointed in the news, I am sorry.

You can feel confident that the substance they are inquiring about is not for performance enhancing use, and is needed for my specific treatments. (International Medical Codes CID E 87.6, CID 87.8, CID E 44.0, CID N 83.2, CID 115.9, CID Z73.3 CID E 06.3) Feel confident that I am a clean athlete.

It is my hope that my experiences will continue to bring awareness to the dangers of extreme weight cutting. I cut weight 3 times in 8 months during 2016 competing twice at 140lbs. It is because of the measures needed to make the required 140lbs weight limit Sept 24 that my body is needing the on-going medical treatment.

I am glad the UFC has created the 145lbs division and look forward to fighting for the belt once my body is recovered and ready to compete. Additional information or statements will be provided at the appropriate time as the process moves forward.

REPORT: Cain Velasquez is out of UFC 207

Rumors are going around that Cain Velasquez is out of UFC 207. We have been hearing for awhile now that Cain is in a lot of pain and has a surgery scheduled for 5 days after the Fabricio Werdum fight. Cain was trying to gut out the training because Werdum is the one man he really wanted a rematch with. As you know, Cain lost the heavyweight championship to Werdum back in July, on UFC 188.

Cain lost by submission. This was only the second loss of Cain’s career. His previous loss to Jr Dos Santos he avenged by beating Jr twice. Many consider Cain as one of the greatest heavyweight fighters in UFC history. His main problem has been staying healthy, of course this seems to be a trend for AKA fighters, as we have seen Luke Rockhold and Daniel Cormier also pull out of their most recent fights.

We last seen Cain Velasquez back on UFC 200, he beat Travis Browne by TKO with 3 seconds left in the first round. This set up a rematch with Fabricio Werdum. Cain had stated that he had gone to cannabis oil to help manage his pain and allow him to train. He stated that he did not want to take pain killers for a fear of becoming addicted.

What’s next for Cain is hard to say, if the rumors are true that he is pulling out of UFC 207 then Werdum will likely be pulled from the card as well unless we see someone step up on short term notice. Stay tuned to the Outsiders Page as more details become available .

UPDATE: Ariel Helwani posted this tweet in response to the Cain rumors.


Ronda Rousey allowed to skip media obligations, Conor McGregor tried it and was pulled from UFC 200

Remember when the Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz rematch was scheduled on UFC 200? Conor had done a ton of press and promoting in his previous fights but this time he was coming off second round submission loss to Nate. Conor felt all the media obligations had hindered his training and he wanted to focus on training and not press. Dana White wasn’t having it, he pulled Conor from the fight, saying it wasn’t fair to everyone else who had to do it and UFC 200 was given a new main event.

Nate Diaz didn’t want a new opponent so he was also off the card. Fast forward to UFC 207 and we see Ronda Rousey getting away with it. She has given very few interviews, done very little promoting and the UFC is just fine with it. While people are always quick to mention that Dana White plays favorites and that the C in UFC stands for Conor, it seems Ronda may actually be the favorite. Maybe the UFC just knew that if they didn’t give Ronda what she wanted she would never come back and fight.

Conor did say he was retiring after he was pulled from UFC 200, I guess the UFC called his bluff and won. After Ronda was knocked out by Holly Holm she disappeared so it was easier to believe she wouldn’t come back without getting her way. Below is a quote from Dana White talking about Ronda and how she feels about the media.

“She just felt like the media completely turned on her when she lost. She felt attacked. She felt like these people in the media, that she gave three years of her life, cruising around, giving interviews to, completely turned on her when she lost.”

Remember when they brought Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes in to do a stare down following the UFC 205 weigh-ins? Ronda storming off and not giving an interview makes a whole lot more sense now when you read that quote from Dana White. Not only does she have no media obligations, one of her demands for coming back was that no one ask her any questions about Cyborg.

Does she really feel the media turned on her or is it just hard for her to deal with the press now that she can’t talk about how she’s gonna retire undefeated? She made that comment many times. Maybe it’s because the whole Ronda Rousey can beat up Floyd Mayweather talk is over or how Ronda can beat up most of the men in the UFC talk has also ended. Paige VanZant told a story about how Ronda Rousey went off on her just for congratulating Holly Holm on her victory over Ronda. Miesha Tate was telling Joe Rogan the story Paige had told her, after hearing the story Joe responds  “wow, you have to be on team Ronda for life.”

A reporter asked Ronda during the lead up to the Holly Holm fight if she could beat Holly without her grappling and Ronda replied ” I can beat all these girls with one hand tied behind my back”  She was serious too, She sold this image that she was unbeatable and hey it worked, made her millions and for a long time she did look unbeatable. The reality is in this game everyone loses and your only as good as your last fight. I’m not saying that’s fair, but it’s true.

Jon Jones is the only man to take out top contenders and never lose. Even Anderson Silva’s reign eventually came to an end. At UFC 207 Ronda Rousey will get a chance to win back the bantamweight championship and maybe set up a rematch with Holly Holm. Rumors are that if Holly wins the new women’s featherweight title and Ronda is successful in winning the bantamweight title, a rematch will be in the works, but this time it will be champion VS champion. Don’t get your hopes up though, MMA is the most unpredictable sport out there. 

Chuck Liddell asked if he would be interested in doing security for Donald Trump.

Recently a TMZ reporter ran into Chuck Liddell at the airport and asked him if he would ever be interested in doing personal security for Donald Trump. Liddell had a nice laugh and replied that would be fun, I’d have a fun time with that one. It would cost him a lot but that it would be fun.

We all know Donald Trump has a lot of haters, who would be better to protect him than the Ice Man? Not sure what you need on your application to be qualified for that job, is former UFC light heavyweight champion of the world good enough? I believe so. Check out the video below.

Mark Hunt and Alistair Overeem make verbal agreement to fight. Mark still says he won’t fight without a special clause in contract.

Brett Okamoto reported on SportsCenter today that Mark Hunt and Alistair Overeem have verbally agreed to a fight on March 4, on the UFC 209 card. We last seen Mark Hunt take on Brock Lesnar back on UFC 200. Mark Hunt originally lost by decision. Brock Lesnar failed a pre-fight drug test and one on the day of the fight. This decision loss has been over turned to a no contest.

Mark Hunt seemed to be sticking to his guns and turned down a few fights during his lay off, Mark requested half of Lesnar’s purse, then later said he wanted it all. After an appearance on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Hunt made his feelings well known. As I reported on the Lesnar article 5 days ago, the UFC reached out to Mark Hunt and said nothing could be done until Lesnar has his day in court. Makes you wonder if they offered Hunt some money or something to make it up to him.

We last seen Alistair Overeem take on Stipe Miocic, a fight that Overeem suffered a knockout loss in. Before that Alistair was riding a 4 fight win streak, beating Andrei Arlovski, Junior dos Santos, Roy Nelson and Stefan Struve. Alistair is currently the 6th ranked guy in the heavyweight division, Mark Hunt is the 13th. A win over Alistair could get Mark right back in the title hunt.

While there may be a verbal agreement. Ariel Helwani reported just minutes ago that Hunt still wants a clause in his contract covering failed drug tests and won’t fight until he gets one.

UFC on Fox 22: VanZant VS Waterson review

UFC on Fox:22 was a great card. Lets review the card, the performance bonus winners and the reported pay outs.

  • Paige VanZant VS Michelle Waterson:

This fight didn’t last long. There wasn’t very many exchanges, Michelle Waterson landed a nice throw on Paige, got her to the ground and put her in a dominant position. Waterson locked in the choke, it was apparent that the choke was deep and that Paige was in big trouble. Paige refused to tap and was choked out. Waterson won the fight by rear naked choke at 3:21 seconds into the first round.

  • Sage Northcutt VS Mickey Gall:

This was a good fight, Mickey proved he is here to stay. He got a take down pretty early in the first round. Put Sage in some tough positions, Sage managed to get back to his feet. The second round starts out with some action, Sage lands a good shot, cuts Mickey open. Not long after they both exchange blows, Mickey’s shot drops and hurts Sage. Instead of going for some ground and pound Mickey goes for the transition and the choke.

Mickey Gall wins this fight by rear naked choke at 1:40 into the second round. after the fight Mickey Gall called out Dan Hardy. Mickey is a fighter on the rise and announced after that fight that he was going down to lightweight, saying that he easily makes 170 and believes he can be a champion in two years at lightweight.

  • Brad Pickett VS Urijah Faber:

This was Urijah Faber’s farewell fight and he delivered. Faber dropped Brad Pickett early in this first round. It looked like he would get the finish. Besides the low calf kicks and a punch in the third round that stumbled Faber,  Brad Pickett had little offense. This fight was all Uriah. What a great way to go out, in front of his home town fans in Sacramento California. Faber won this fight by decision.

We know what’s next for Faber, he’s going into retirement. The question is what’s next for Brad Pickett? Brad is now 1-5 in his last Six UFC fights. We have seen fighters get cut with winning records inside the octagon.

  • Mike Perry VS Alan Jouban:

In this fight we saw Alan Jouban come away with a decision victory. Both fighters went hard and had their moments but in the end Alan Jouban did more and took the decision victory. That puts Jouban on a 3 fight winning streak and should earn him a step up in competition.

The following fighters were awarded $50,000 bonuses:

Fight of the Night: Leslie Smith vs. Irene Aldana
Performance of the Night: Michelle Waterson and Paul Craig

Here is the reported pay outs for the event.

  • Michelle Waterson: $30,000 (includes $15,000 win bonus) def. Paige VanZant: $43,000
  • Mickey Gall: $40,000 (includes $20,000 win bonus) def. Sage Northcutt: $60,000
  • Urijah Faber: $320,000 (includes $160,000 win bonus) def. Brad Pickett: $40,000
  • Alan Jouban: $54,000 (includes $27,000 win bonus) def. Mike Perry: $14,000
  • Paul Craig: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus) def. Luis Henrique da Silva: $14,000
  • Mizuto Hirota: $34,000 (includes $28,000 win bonus) def. Cole Miller: $33,000
  • Colby Covington: $54,000 (includes $27,000 win bonus) def. Bryan Barberena: $20,000
  • Alex Morono: $30,000 (includes $15,000 win bonus) def. James Moontasri: $16,000
  • Josh Emmett: $28,000 (includes $14,000 win bonus) def. Scott Holtzman: $17,000
  • Leslie Smith: $50,000 (includes $25,000 win bonus) def. Irene Aldana: $12,000
  • Eddie Wineland: $58,000 (includes $29,000 win bonus) def. Takeya Mizugaki: $39,000
  • Hector Sandoval: $24,000 (includes $12,000 win bonus) def. Elvis Mutapcic: $12,000
  • Sultan Aliev: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus) def. Bojan Veličković: $12,000

Donald Cerrone is the most active fighter in MMA

Donald Cerrone is the most active fighter in MMA. The guy loves what he does, even when he had his title fight coming up with Rafael dos Anjos he volunteered to step in on short notice and take a fight when someone came up injured. That is just unheard of, we have seen fighters sit out as long as a year waiting on their title shot. The fight with Matt Brown was a real war, while Matt Brown gave Cerrone some problems and even dropped him with a punch, Matt had no answer for Cerrone’s range. Donald nailed Matt several times with a head kick using his lead leg.

Donald Cerrone knocked Matt Brown out in the third round, he has another fight scheduled with Jorge Masvidal on the UFC on Fox 23 event. This fight will take place on January 28th, in Denver. Donald is currently 32-7 and 1 No Contest. The guy is 33 and already has 40 fights under his belt. Most people retire with less than that. Donald consistently gets in 4 fights a year.

While other fighters out there would try and do the same, staying healthy is a big problem for many fighters.It tells you how durable Donald is, or is it just smart training? Cerrone is currently riding a 4 fight win streak since moving up to welterweight, all finishes. Many believed that fighting at 170 would only be a temporary thing, now it looks like Donald is knocking on the door of title contention.

He has certainly became a fan favorite, with great fighting skill and an awesome personality to go with it, he’s an easy guy to root for. Since May 25th, 2013 Donald Cerrone is 12-2. Both loses came at the hands of former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos. When talking about how active Donald is, Brian Stann said it best when he said that he wasn’t sure if Donald had a huge gambling debt he needed to pay off or if he’s just crazy.