Jose Aldo Says he’s Fighting Max Holloway at UFC 208

The featherweight division has been a bit of a mess lately. Conor McGregor came in and breathed life into the division and made it one of the most interesting in the UFC. After knocking Jose Aldo out in 13 seconds Conor moved on. His coach was quoted as saying he never wanted Conor to cut to 145 again. While Conor has never directly said such things, he did choose to give up his Featherweight belt after he won a second championship. Dana said that choice was Conor’s

So where did that leave the featherweight division ? Well Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar had a fight for the interim featherweight championship. Jose Aldo came out on top of a 5 round decision and won the belt, it was his first and only fight since the 13 second knock out he suffered at the hands of Conor McGregor.

So Aldo became the Interim title holder, Conor gave up his featherweight belt and that promoted Aldo to champion. Aldo desperately wants a rematch with Conor McGregor but he’s going to have to settle for Max Holloway. At UFC 206 we watched Holloway dominate Anthony Pettis and take the interim featherweight championship. That sets Holloway up with a fight with Jose Aldo, Max Holloway is riding a 10 fight win streak.

While Holloway has been calling Jose Aldo out for quite awhile, saying things like “where’s Waldo”  it looks like he will finally get his wish. Here’s what Jose Aldo had to say about a possible match up with Max Holloway.

“About the fight in February, I already knew that, I only didn’t know who I would fight,” Aldo told the Brazilian media yesterday. “It was between him and Pettis, whoever won the fight. It’s not something new. This fight will happen on Feb. 11.”

Here’s what Max Holloway had to say about a possible fight with Jose Aldo at UFC 208.

“I said it before, I don’t want to give up my Christmas, I don’t want to give up my son’s birthday on Jan. 4, all for Feb. 11 and the guy doesn’t show up. The hashtag ‘where’s Jose Waldo?’ has been working because he’s popping off here and there, but we’ve got to keep on turning the page and keep finding him, so we’ll see what happens.”

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