Title defense finishing rates of UFC champions

There has been a lot of talk about fighters finishing fights lately, so I figured I would list the finishing rates of every dominant champion (3 or more defenses) in UFC/Pride history.

1. Ronda Rousey-100%-Finished 7/7 defenses
2.Frank Shamrock-100%-Finished 4/4 defenses
3.Chuck Liddell-100%-Finished 4/4 title defenses
4.BJ Penn-100%-Finished 3/3 defenses
5.Matt Hughes-86%-Finished 6/7 defenses
6.Anderson Silva-80%-Finished 8/10 defenses
7.Tito Ortiz-80%-Finished 4/5 defenses
8.Pat Miletich-75%-Finished 3/4 defenses
9.Wanderlei Silva-75%- Finished 3/4 defenses
10.Demetrious Johnson-56%-Finished 5/9 defenses
11. Jon Jones-44%- Finished 4/9 defenses
12.Fedor Emelianenko-33%-Finished 1/3 defenses
13. Jose  Aldo-29%- Finished 2/7 defenses
14. Joanna Jędrzejczyk-25%-Finished 1/4 defenses
15.Georges St. Pierre-13%-Finished 1/8 title defenses
16.Benson Henderson- 0%- Finished 0/3 title defenses

In the history of Pride and UFC there have been about 80 different championship reigns, only 10 of those had 3 successful title defenses or more in a row in the men’s divisions.

In the women’s divisions, only two women have manage to do 3 or more defenses.

How important is finishing your opponent? In my opinion, extremely. Martial Arts were invented to defend yourself and to be able to incopassitate an attacker. Martial Arts techniques were designed to finish off opponents. If you can’t do that, how great of a martial artist can you claim to be?


But everyone has an opinion, regardless of such, these are the stats.

Eric Scott

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  1. This is great although I’d be interested to see this chart extended to include WEC and Strikeforce champions, especially since there is so much overlap between these and the UFC.

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