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Ronda Rousey allowed to skip media obligations, Conor McGregor tried it and was pulled from UFC 200


Remember when the Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz rematch was scheduled on UFC 200? Conor had done a ton of press and promoting in his previous fights but this time he was coming off second round submission loss to Nate. Conor felt all the media obligations had hindered his training and he wanted to focus on training and not press. Dana White wasn’t having it, he pulled Conor from the fight, saying it wasn’t fair to everyone else who had to do it and UFC 200 was given a new main event.

Nate Diaz didn’t want a new opponent so he was also off the card. Fast forward to UFC 207 and we see Ronda Rousey getting away with it. She has given very few interviews, done very little promoting and the UFC is just fine with it. While people are always quick to mention that Dana White plays favorites and that the C in UFC stands for Conor, it seems Ronda may actually be the favorite. Maybe the UFC just knew that if they didn’t give Ronda what she wanted she would never come back and fight.

Conor did say he was retiring after he was pulled from UFC 200, I guess the UFC called his bluff and won. After Ronda was knocked out by Holly Holm she disappeared so it was easier to believe she wouldn’t come back without getting her way. Below is a quote from Dana White talking about Ronda and how she feels about the media.

“She just felt like the media completely turned on her when she lost. She felt attacked. She felt like these people in the media, that she gave three years of her life, cruising around, giving interviews to, completely turned on her when she lost.”

Remember when they brought Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes in to do a stare down following the UFC 205 weigh-ins? Ronda storming off and not giving an interview makes a whole lot more sense now when you read that quote from Dana White. Not only does she have no media obligations, one of her demands for coming back was that no one ask her any questions about Cyborg.

Does she really feel the media turned on her or is it just hard for her to deal with the press now that she can’t talk about how she’s gonna retire undefeated? She made that comment many times. Maybe it’s because the whole Ronda Rousey can beat up Floyd Mayweather talk is over or how Ronda can beat up most of the men in the UFC talk has also ended. Paige VanZant told a story about how Ronda Rousey went off on her just for congratulating Holly Holm on her victory over Ronda. Miesha Tate was telling Joe Rogan the story Paige had told her, after hearing the story Joe responds  “wow, you have to be on team Ronda for life.”

A reporter asked Ronda during the lead up to the Holly Holm fight if she could beat Holly without her grappling and Ronda replied ” I can beat all these girls with one hand tied behind my back”  She was serious too, She sold this image that she was unbeatable and hey it worked, made her millions and for a long time she did look unbeatable. The reality is in this game everyone loses and your only as good as your last fight. I’m not saying that’s fair, but it’s true.

Jon Jones is the only man to take out top contenders and never lose. Even Anderson Silva’s reign eventually came to an end. At UFC 207 Ronda Rousey will get a chance to win back the bantamweight championship and maybe set up a rematch with Holly Holm. Rumors are that if Holly wins the new women’s featherweight title and Ronda is successful in winning the bantamweight title, a rematch will be in the works, but this time it will be champion VS champion. Don’t get your hopes up though, MMA is the most unpredictable sport out there. 

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