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NAC pulls Cain Velasquez from UFC 207


Many rumors were going around that Cain was going to pull out of his match up with Fabricio Werdum on December 30th. It is now confirmed that Cain will not be fighting on the UFC 207 card. That leaves Fabricio Werdum without a dance partner, it’s worth mentioning that Jr Dos Santos has volunteered to step in on short notice.

Commission executive director Bob Bennett confirmed this with Ariel Helwani Saturday that Cain has been pulled. This all started with Cain Velasquez telling ESPN that his pain was severe and only manageable with cannabis oil. While Cain and his camp all stated that Cain was good to go and the fight would go as planed and Cain tweeted several hours ago that he wasn’t sure what’s going on now. It turns out it’s no longer up to Cain and this fight is in fact canceled.

Cain Velasquez didn’t do himself any favors giving that interview to Going public with his pain in that interview is what caught that attention of the Nevada Athletic Commission. Maybe that was his plan, go public and get pulled, making it look like it wasn’t his choice. He wanted this fight really bad though, maybe he’s kicking himself for ever telling ESPN the inside details of his training.

Unless you are faking an injury and you want to drop your opponents guard, you gain nothing from letting other know you are struggling. Other fighters can certainly learn from this, i’m not saying I want to see fighters who are hurt take fights. I’m just saying if you truly intend to fight and you are hurt, you might want to watch how you word things and what information you make public.

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