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Junie Browning will not be on the new season of TUF, but he did pick up a dominating win recently


I’m sure you have heard the rumors going around about the new season of The Ultimate Fighter. The cast is rumored to have plenty of familiar faces and the coaches are going to be newly crowned bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt and number 1 contender T.J Dillashaw. One of the rumored fighters to be on the show is the number 1 pick from season 8, Junie Browning.

Right from the start Junie stands out. His fight to get into the house against Jose Aguilar was a train wreck, Junie smashed him. Jose Aguilar made it back to his corner at the end of round one and Gave up. Junie then went on to take out Rolando Delgado, winning a 3 round decision. Junie eventually lost to the winner of season 8, Efrain Escudero.

Junie went on to fight Dave Kaplan for his UFC debut, a fight where he won by arm bar and earned a fight of the night bonus. There was a ton of drama that went down on and after TUF.  Junie is a guy who seemed to have a world of potential, he was the first pick after all. Junie was a big stand out, plenty of people didn’t like him, plenty of people loved him, but everyone remembers him. No way you can talk about season 8 of TUF without talking about Junie.

For those of you who was hoping to see Junie on the new season of TUF, sorry to break it to you but he will not be on it. I recently had a chat with Junie and when I asked him if the rumors were true, if he would in fact be on the new season of TUF, this is what he had to say. “I’m not on it, just rumors, I was going to do it but it fell through”

While that is disappointing, Junie did have a recent fight. Returning to MMA after a 4 year lay off, he took on Jeremy Myers at Hardcore MMA 84. This fight wasn’t even close, Junie nailed him with a leg kick, dropped him, got him on the ground and beat on him and roughed him up until the ref stopped the fight.

This was Junie’s first win since 2009, mostly due to his 4 year lay off. MMA is a tough sport and you can totally see how these guys can get burnt out or need time off to heal, mentally and physically. Hopefully Junie is feeling good, I know he’s training hard. You can watch his most recent fight below

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