“I’m Your Huckleberry.” Deadspin Editor Gets Called Out By Tim Kennedy And Tim Johnson


On Wednesday, Deadspin Editor Tim Marchman decided to challenge Ted Cruz supporters on Twitter who had been trolling a fellow editor to fight in the UFC. Two former Army solders that have fought in the UFC accepted the challenge. One is UFC Heavyweight Tim Johnson, and U.S. Army Special Forces vet and former UFC Middleweight Tim Kennedy.

The drama started with an article posted by Ashley Feingberg on the Deadspin Twitter page about wanting proof that Senator Ted Cruz can play basketball. Cruz or someone on Cruz’s Twitter handle jokingly sends a picture of Ted Cruz look-a-like Grayson Allen from Duke University’s basketball team with the tagline ‘What do I win?’Someone on Deadspin’s Twitter handle responded with “Go Eat Shit.” After that, both Feinberg’s and Deadspin’s Twitter handles were bombarded with angry messages or tweets mocking them.

This finally caught the attention of Deadspin Editor-In-Chief Tim Marchman.

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