ESPN claims to be the world wide leader in sports, but they know nothing about MMA

ESPN embarrasses themselves every time they talk MMA. Recently they had Welterweight champion Tyron Woodly on Sports Center. While meaning to show highlight clips of Tyron Woodly, they instead show highlights of Conor McGregor. This isn’t their first case of mistaken identity, there was another during the lead up to Conor McGregor VS Eddie Alvarez.


When showing a side besides comparison of the two fighters reach, weight, records, They actually showed a picture of Rafael dos Anjos and Conor. The picture read Eddie Alvarez but it was a picture of RDA. I sometimes question if ESPN even knows what MMA stands for. Like a lot of sports fans I find myself watching ESPN shows, hoping they will bring up MMA.

Dana White once said “ESPN has always hated us and they hate us even more now that we’re on FOX” Tony Kornheiser from ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, said he couldn’t care less about MMA, that it was “kick fighting”. Weird assessment but clearly he isn’t a fan. I watch shows like Pardon The Interruption, The Herd, and Sports Center all the time. I love so many other sports but it’s just sad the way they talk about MMA, the lack of interest they have for it and how little effort they put into it. They don’t bother to prepare at all. The producers force an MMA topic on these guys and they give it 30 seconds of their time and move on.

I seriously doubt these guys could name more than 1 or 2 current UFC champions. Their level of MMA knowledge is at zero, their interest in the sport is at zero. I would compare it to if they took me and was like Paul, I need you to do cover this Tennis match. I’m clueless when it comes to Tennis, the difference is I would at least do my homework and prepare as if I was a fan. Isn’t that just good business?

Jason Whitlock, a former ESPN employee without a brain. He had some foolish comments on the Ronda Rousey VS Amanda Nunes fight. Michael claimed that the fight was stopped early in the Nunes match because of “White Girl Privilege” So let me get this straight Jason, they stopped a fight early to save their favorite white girl? So stupid. For one, that was a legit stoppage and for two, stopping a fight early, how does that favor Ronda? Besides the obvious, saving her from getting severely hurt, which is what was gonna happen if Nunes had about 10 more seconds.

If you are going to put so little effort into it, why even pretend to care. You can say well that’s his opinion, I say that’s his uneducated opinion. The guy has no idea what a TKO is and isn’t an MMA fan. These are the best ESPN can find to discuss MMA? World wide leader in sports, what a joke. To sum up this article, ESPN sucks, Jason Whitlock sucks, Meryl Streep sucks. Tony Kornheiser, you’re still pretty cool. ESPN call me if you need a real fan/analyst to talk MMA. Your staff is full of posers.

MMA WSOF’s David Branch Has Signed With The UFC has reported that the UFC has just signed up David Branch, the former Middleweight and Light-Heavyweight Champion in the MMA World Series Of Fighting (WSOF). Branch with a record of 20-3, is reported to most likely be fighting in UFC Middlweight division. Branch could get a fight as early as May.

 Branch recently left the WSOF for undisclosed reasons after a New York Eve’s victory over Louis Taylor. Branch had previously fought in the UFC, but left in 2011 with an octagon record of 2-2. Since then, he has won 12 of his last 13 fighters. His only loss since then was to UFC Light-Heavyweight contender Anthony Johnson.

Aldo vs Holloway confirmed for UFC 212

Today on the UFC 212 pre-fight show, it was confirmed that Jose Aldo and Max Holloway will fight on the UFC 212 card. The card takes place June 3rd. Max Holloway won the featherweight interim title in a fight against Anthony Pettis on the UFC 206 card. Holloway is riding a 10 fight win streak, his last loss coming at the hands of Conor McGregor, back in 2013. Max has definitely reinvented himself and became a force at featherweight.

Jose Aldo’s last loss also came at the hands of Conor McGregor, a 13 second knock out. MMA fans have seemed to sleep on Aldo, Their opinions of him have changed big time after his loss to Conor McGregor. Which is just ridiculous, Jose is 26-2, 8-1 in the UFC. You can’t count this guy out. During the call outs Max Holloway was saying things like #where’s Waldo.

Which is kind of ironic since Max declined to have the fight fast tracked, wanting to enjoy the holiday’s and his son’s birthday. Regardless, these two finally have a date set and they will go to war. The UFC has been criticized for handing out so many interim titles. Meisha Tate said it best, handing out interim titles is like giving two gold medals at the Olympics.

Everyone knows interim titles are really just a marking tool, but you can’t discredit Max Holloway. Winning 10 in a row isn’t easy to do at any level, especially in the UFC. Holloway outclassed Anthony Pettis and sent him packing back to the lightweight division. Jose Aldo is coming off a win against Frankie Edgar. It was also for the interim title but Conor McGregor relinquished the featherweight title, upgrading Jose Aldo to undisputed champion.

The rematch of Junior Dos Santos VS Stipe Miocic, this time for the heavyweight title

Reigning champion Stipe Miocic is set to defend his heavyweight title against former heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos. This fight will be a rematch, these two fought once before on the UFC on Fox: dos Santos VS Miocic card. Junior came away with the win in the first one, winning a 5 round unanimous decision.

Since then Stipe has been storming through the heavyweight division. Winning 4 in a row by knockout, and winning the heavyweight title in a fight against Fabricio Werdum. Stipe knocked out Werdum in the first round and then went on to defend his title against Alistair Overeem, again winning by first round knock out.

Since defeating Stipe, Junior is 1-1. Losing by knock out against Alistair Overeem and then going on to win a 5 round decision over top heavyweight contender Ben Rothwell. The first fight between Stipe and JDS was a great fight and we can expect nothing less in the rematch. This fight will be the UFC 211 main event, on May 13th at American Airlines Center in Dallas.

Junior dos Santos was recently scheduled to take on Stefan Struve, but Struve had to pull out with an injury. This worked out perfect for Junior, putting him next in line for a title shot. In recent news, Stipe Miocic had stated that he wasn’t happy with his current UFC contract. This came out when Stipe learned that Alistair Overeem made more money than he did in their fight back on the UFC  203 card, in Stipe’s hometown of Cleveland Ohio.

After failing to get medical clearance twice, Rashad Evans is cleared to fight

We last saw Rashad Evans nearly a year ago, when he went against Glover Teixeira. Rashad suffered a first round knock out loss in that one. Since that fight Rashad has done some soul searching and looks to rejuvenate his career by dropping down to the middleweight division.

Lyota Machida, also a former light heavyweight champion, dropped down to middleweight and was able to be a real force, challenging Chris Wiedman for the middleweight championship.

Dropping down a weight class seems to be a new trend in MMA, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. 145 has been a division that many fighters have dropped down to and seen little to no success. Anthony Pettis picked up a big win, then failed to make weight and decided to move back up. Diego Sanchez, B.J Penn, and several others have taken a chance going to 145 and had to move back up.

Rashad posted pics leading up to his Middleweight fight against Tim Kennedy, he was looking lean and in great shape. His fight with Tim Kennedy was canceled, the New York Athletic Commish denied Rashad a fight license. This was a high profile card, the first ever UFC event in New York. The fight was rescheduled to UFC 206, again Rashad was denied a fight license. Apparently an MRI revealed “irregular findings.”. I’ve got to wonder, what fighter doesn’t have those.

Regardless. Rashad is medically cleared and is expected to take on Dan Kelly for his middleweight debut, March 4th, on the UFC 209 card. Rashad is 2-2 in his last four fights at light heavyweight. Rashad won the second season of The Ultimate Fighter as a heavyweight. When he takes on Dan Kelly at middleweight, that will be his third different weight class that he has fought at in the UFC.

Coker confirms rumors that Bellator is in talks with Mike Goldberg

By now everyone knows what happen to Mike Goldberg. The new owners came in and decided they didn’t want to renew his Contract, leaving Goldberg as a free agent. Mike goes way back, 20 years of service to the UFC.

Mike Goldberg gave his first interview after his departure with the UFC on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helewani. No conversations, no contact. Nothing, really,” he said. “Nothing. Which was surprising. Disappointing, certainly.”  said Goldberg, he also said he had no contact with Dana White. Goldberg’s last UFC card was UFC 207.

Little is known at this point, only that Negotiations are taking place, this would be a big win for Bellator. For twenty years Mike Goldberg was the familiar voice of the UFC. AND JUST LIKE THAT, IT’S NOT ALL OVER.


Mike Goldberg May Go To Bellator And WWE Star Paige May Go To MMA

BellatorMMA has been known to bring in former UFC stars with fighters such as Quinton Jackson, Tito Ortiz, Chael Sonnen, Stephan Bonnar, and even former UFC cutman Jacob “Stitch” Duran. Now MMA report Simon Head says Bellator President Scott Corker is in talks to bring in the long-time UFC commentator Mike Goldberg.

In other news, WWE Divas Champion and Total Divas cast-member Paige  may transition from professional to MMA in a video interview with TMZ Sports. “I mean … when my time with WWE comes to an end, at some point then, maybe,” said Paige to the TMZ interviewer. “I want to start training like every single week,” said Paige, who then turned to her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio,”Which we’re gonna start doing, right?”

Paige already has some personal connections to MMA business. Her boyfriend works for the Brazilian fighting publication Combate Americas, which was founded by Campbell McLaren, who also co-founded the UFC. Paige says McLaren has been active in helping her out for a possible move to the sport.

Yoel Romero trolls Michael Bisping, starts Go Fund Me page.

Michael Bisping is the current middleweight champion in the UFC. Yoel Romero is the number one contender and will get the next shot at the title. Michael Bisping has been very open about his dislike of Yoel Romero, accusing him of cheating. In an attempt to troll Michael Bisping, Yoel created a Go Fund Me page in his honor.

If you feel like donating, here’s the link . You can find the description that’s on the Go Fund Me page below.

“This is Mike, he will be needing money to survive after me and him meet in the octagon approximately May of 2017. He is happy in this picture after defending his title against another fighter and the devastation he went through has caused him to have surgery on his knee where all the visible damage was on his face. This surgery has prevented him from competing in a timely manner. After his fight with me, I am convinced he will need this money to rebuild his life, he has a family and I am deeply concerned for him. Please help any way that you can as all funds will be used for medical expenses and his retirement party. Thank you for your time and #ynuevo”

UFC will not match Bellator’s offer for Ryan Bader

Today during a Facebook Live interview with USA Today, Dana White revealed that the UFC will not match Bellator’s offer for Ryan Bader. “We had told Ryan Bader he’s good to go” Dana said. “We knew he was going to go to Bellator the entire time”

“I think Bellator is a good place for Ryan Bader. at this point in his career, I think it’s the right move for him” Ryan Bader has been a free agent since November. He finished his UFC contract by picking up a TKO win over Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. His second win in a row.

Ryan Bader has a win over current Bellator light heavyweight champion Phil Davis. Ryan will no doubt be a top contender in Bellator and will be looking at a title shot very early in his Bellator career. I’m sure Phil Davis will be happy to rematch Ryan Bader.

Before Ryan lost to Anthony Johnson, he was on a 5 fight win streak and has won 7 of his last 8 UFC fights. Ryan Bader is currently 33 years old was the 4th ranked light heavyweight in the UFC.

Jake Shields saves man from beating during riot

A unidentified man was rescued by Jake Shields during a UC Berkeley riot. Former UFC fighter Jake Shields came to the rescue of a man who was being beaten by masked men. A speaking appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos caused a protest, the protest started peaceful and then turned violent.

Nearly 1,500 people gathered to protest at UC Berkeley. According to the university, there was about 150 masked trouble makers. The masked people threw rocks and fireworks at Police. Six people were treated for minor injuries. The speaking appearance of Milo Yiannopoulos was canceled.

“You guys have your faces covered, you’re attacking people, you’re being [expletive] fascists,” Shields said to one of the demonstrators in a video he posted on his twitter about the incident. Shields said that the man he defended was being attacked for supporting Donald Trump. Shields said the Police that were there just stood and watched. Shields last fought at WSOF 34 against Jon Fitch for the welterweight title, Shields lost by decision.