Coker confirms rumors that Bellator is in talks with Mike Goldberg

By now everyone knows what happen to Mike Goldberg. The new owners came in and decided they didn’t want to renew his Contract, leaving Goldberg as a free agent. Mike goes way back, 20 years of service to the UFC.

Mike Goldberg gave his first interview after his departure with the UFC on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helewani. No conversations, no contact. Nothing, really,” he said. “Nothing. Which was surprising. Disappointing, certainly.”  said Goldberg, he also said he had no contact with Dana White. Goldberg’s last UFC card was UFC 207.

Little is known at this point, only that Negotiations are taking place, this would be a big win for Bellator. For twenty years Mike Goldberg was the familiar voice of the UFC. AND JUST LIKE THAT, IT’S NOT ALL OVER.


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