ESPN claims to be the world wide leader in sports, but they know nothing about MMA

ESPN embarrasses themselves every time they talk MMA. Recently they had Welterweight champion Tyron Woodly on Sports Center. While meaning to show highlight clips of Tyron Woodly, they instead show highlights of Conor McGregor. This isn’t their first case of mistaken identity, there was another during the lead up to Conor McGregor VS Eddie Alvarez.


When showing a side besides comparison of the two fighters reach, weight, records, They actually showed a picture of Rafael dos Anjos and Conor. The picture read Eddie Alvarez but it was a picture of RDA. I sometimes question if ESPN even knows what MMA stands for. Like a lot of sports fans I find myself watching ESPN shows, hoping they will bring up MMA.

Dana White once said “ESPN has always hated us and they hate us even more now that we’re on FOX” Tony Kornheiser from ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, said he couldn’t care less about MMA, that it was “kick fighting”. Weird assessment but clearly he isn’t a fan. I watch shows like Pardon The Interruption, The Herd, and Sports Center all the time. I love so many other sports but it’s just sad the way they talk about MMA, the lack of interest they have for it and how little effort they put into it. They don’t bother to prepare at all. The producers force an MMA topic on these guys and they give it 30 seconds of their time and move on.

I seriously doubt these guys could name more than 1 or 2 current UFC champions. Their level of MMA knowledge is at zero, their interest in the sport is at zero. I would compare it to if they took me and was like Paul, I need you to do cover this Tennis match. I’m clueless when it comes to Tennis, the difference is I would at least do my homework and prepare as if I was a fan. Isn’t that just good business?

Jason Whitlock, a former ESPN employee without a brain. He had some foolish comments on the Ronda Rousey VS Amanda Nunes fight. Michael claimed that the fight was stopped early in the Nunes match because of “White Girl Privilege” So let me get this straight Jason, they stopped a fight early to save their favorite white girl? So stupid. For one, that was a legit stoppage and for two, stopping a fight early, how does that favor Ronda? Besides the obvious, saving her from getting severely hurt, which is what was gonna happen if Nunes had about 10 more seconds.

If you are going to put so little effort into it, why even pretend to care. You can say well that’s his opinion, I say that’s his uneducated opinion. The guy has no idea what a TKO is and isn’t an MMA fan. These are the best ESPN can find to discuss MMA? World wide leader in sports, what a joke. To sum up this article, ESPN sucks, Jason Whitlock sucks, Meryl Streep sucks. Tony Kornheiser, you’re still pretty cool. ESPN call me if you need a real fan/analyst to talk MMA. Your staff is full of posers.

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