Penn will return against Dennis Siver

B.J. Penn will return against Dennis Siver in Oklahoma City, on June 25, on the new UFC Fight Night card. The new match up was announced on The UFC Tonight show, a weekly program that is no stranger to breaking news.

We last saw Penn take on Yair Rodriguez, a one sided beat down. While Siver is tough, he’s not nearly the killer that Yair is, this is a very winnable fight for Penn. Dennis Siver is a 38 year old fighter on a two fight losing streak.

Penn is far past his prime and taken many beatings in his last few fights but the guy just doesn’t wanna call it quits. You have to admire his fire and determination to get back on track and get his hand raised again in the octagon. Can’t be good for his health though, many believe he should retire, but that is Penn’s decision, not the fans.

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