Here’s how you can get a month of Fight Pass Free, without a credit card.

Step one, do not use the UFC Ap, use your regular browser.

Step two, go to this website

Step 3, Click on get free 7 day trial ( yeah I know I said a month, keep going )

Step 4, click sign up with Facebook or Email. If you have previously done the free trial thing use a new email address.

Step 5, scroll past the credit card info.

Step 6, type in Stockholm


Step 7, Enjoy.

Joe Rogan gives his opinion about why the fans gave Ronda Rousey so much heat, in her last two fights.

On an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe discussed some of his opinions about why Ronda Rousey took so much heat from the fans, during her last two fights.

“I mean that same thing (mentality) is probably why she’s not fighting anymore. Her animosity and her emotions were so riding on that thing,” Rogan said.

“And then when she lost and she lost again in devastating fashion, that’s also the reason why there was so much backlash.

“Whereas someone is really loved, like Randy Couture (doesn’t get that). Randy Couture would lose a fight and no one would talk (trash about him).”

“I’m sure someone would talk trash about him, but no one’s opinion of him differed when he lost because he’s such a good guy and because when he won after the fight, he’d always pick the guy up and shake their hand and hug them, he was always a gentleman.”

You can’t blame Ronda for being a bad loser, you don’t become a champion by being ok with losing. Ronda has not announced her retirement but Dana White and others believe she won’t be back.

You have to wonder how fights with Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes could have went, if Ronda could have went for the clinch early. In both fights Ronda had taken some big shots before being able to get the clinch.

Jorge Masvidal’s street fight videos.

You saw him take on Damien Maia at UFC 211. Well here you can see him in a couple back yard street fights. You can see where Jorge Masvidal got the name Gamebred from. The second fight is the same guy, Jorge fought him again in a rematch.

And here’s the rematch

Jones Vs Cormier II Scheduled For A Third Time At UFC 214

According to, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones will face the current UFC Light Heavyweight Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 in Anaheim, CA on July 29. The much anticipated and much delayed rematch may finally happen.

The two had previously fought at UFC 182 on Jan 3, 2015, with Jones winning by decision. Jones was later stripped off of his title in April 2015 due to a hit-and-run, leaving Cormier and Anthony Johnson to fight for the newly vacant title. Cormier defeated Johnson by a third round rear naked choke at UFC 187. 

Jones and Cormier  were scheduled to fight at UFC 197, but Cormier withdrew due to injury. Ovince Saint Preaux became the alternate for the fight, which was downgraded to an interim championship. Jones defeated Saint Preaux by decision, and rematch was scheduled again for UFC 200. This time Jones got pulled from the fight because of a positive test for banned substances the night before the fight. For fight fans, the third time can either be the charm or another disappointment.

GSP VS Bisping is off. Yoel is next.

After hearing the fans complaints about the long wait and probably even hearing the fighters, and their pleas for an interim title. Dana White has decided to call off the title fight between GSP and Bisping, giving Yoel Romero the very next title shot at middleweight.

“I made this ‘GSP’ fight – we did a press conference. The thing was supposed to happen in July. Michael Bisping is going to have to defend his title now. We’re not waiting for ‘GSP,’” White told FOX Sports Australia’s UFC Fight Week. “Georges St-Pierre was coming back. Bisping and St Pierre – they both wanted that fight. We asked Yoel to step aside. He did. It doesn’t look like that fight is gonna happen now.” Dana White told MMA Junkie.

Looks like maybe Yoel will get to give Michael his go fund me money after all. One questions this comes to mind as far as GSP is concerned, will he still attempt to move up to 185 now that his title shot is gone?

UFC official says Al Iaquinta still on bonus ban.

Al Iaquinta is riding a 5 fight winning streak and fresh off a first round knock out on Diego Sanchez. It was a very impressive performance, Al become angry when he didn’t get a bonus for his performance. Leading Al to take to twitter to let out his frustration with the UFC. His fight with Diego was the first of 3 fights where he is banned from a bonus opportunity

It’s no secret that Al isn’t a happy camper if you have been following his Twitter page. While he may not be winning any employee of the year awards, he has certainly gained momentum with the fans.

There are apparently three different situations that has led to Al Iaquinta not being elligible for Bonus money. 1, he destroyed a hotel room after his Joe Lauzon fight. 2. He let out cuss words on live TV after his fight with Jorge Masvidal. 3. He didn’t show up to the 2015 UFC fighter Summit.

Al also complicated things during his time away from the UFC. He said he had to beg the UFC to cover his knee surgery, the anonymous UFC official had this to say about the surgery.

“It was a chronic injury, and since it was a chronic injury and not something that happened while training or fighting for us, the insurance denied it,” a UFC official told MMAjunkie. “There were also a number of alternatives that could have been done that would have been covered, but Al insisted on using a specific surgeon back east. The UFC paid tens of thousands of dollars to cover that out of our pocket without any obligation to do so since it was a chronic injury, which means it happened over years and years and years.

“Mr. Iaquinta never once called the medical team or (UFC President) Dana (White) to say thank you. Instead, he talks about how he had to beg for it, which is not true. … We agreed to do it. We paid for it. The entire medical team assisted through his surgeon getting this done and getting it paid, and Al never once called anyone to thank them. Instead he goes out on the Internet and says he had to beg for it, which is absolutely, 100 percent false. That’s a lie.”

“The stories he’s telling are not true,” the official told MMAjunkie. “The premise for his whole beef is not accurate, and I think he’s trying to justify the fact that he thinks he should still get bonuses.”

The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

Kelvin Gastelum vows to never fight in Brazil again. Win over turned.

Kelvin Gastelum’s fight night sample for his fight with Vitor Belfort returned positive for THC, which is a metabolite of marijuana and/or hashish above the 180 ng/mL allowance by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) standard.

As a result of the failed test, Kelvin will serve a 90-day suspension retroactive to March 11, the date he fought Vitor Belfort. He is also being fined 20% of his purse and his win over Vitor Belfort is being over turned.

The Brazilian courts also stated that Gastelum will not likely face any additional penalties from USADA as part of the settlement agreement. Kelvin isn’t happy and vows to never fight in Brazil again.

He was scheduled to take on Anderson Silva at UFC 212, in Brazil. No word yet if we will see the fight rescheduled. Anderson has stated recently that he will retire if he doesn’t get a interim title shot against Yoel Romero. Dana white has already said that isn’t going to happen.


The winner of TUF 26 will be the new women’s flyweight champion.

TUF 26 just became interesting. The Winner of the 26th season of The Ultimate Fighter will be crowned as the women’s new flyweight champion. This will be the 4th women’s division in the UFC.

It looks like all the women on the UFC roster can throw their name in the hat for consideration, and those who are not. The try outs are some time at the end of May.

The current season of The Ultimate Fighter is a season featuring redemption. With another season of TUF already planned, It’s good to see that those old rumors of TUF possibly going off the air were false.

The Ultimate Fighter has been going strong for years, introducing us to all kinds of top talent. It’s been a great platform for fighters to showcase what they can do and work their way to a contract, or a championship.

Silva wants Yoel, but only for the Interim Title, or he is done.

Anderson Silva is training and wanting to fight June 3rd, on the UFC card in Brazil. He was originally suppose to fight Kelvin Gastelum. Kelvin was pulled from the card. Anderson has his eye on Yoel Romero, a top contender. It’s the biggest fight Anderson can get to put him in title contention.

The middleweight champion Michael Bisping will be taking on GSP sometime in the future. Anderson Silva appeared on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, he had this to say about a potential match up with Top middleweight contender Yoel Romero, and about his potential reitirement.

“The guys (UFC) no give this fight for me for the interim belt, I’m done. I’ll go be with my family. I’m done,” Silva said

“This is perfect bullsh-t. I’m tired. I’m so tired. I’m respectful long time. Everything, I never talk about bad situations in UFC.

I think I’m done. I fight for long time in my life. And I’m tired, bro. I’m so upset. “I have my legacy, I have my story,” Silva continued. “It’s very frustrating, because this is the second time I’m not fighting in my country.”

 Yoel Romero also had this to say to the MMA Hour  “Only for the interim championship,” Romero told “The MMA Hour.” “It’s a good option, you know.”

Even though The UFC has been handing out interim titles like Halloween candy as of late, Dana White has stated on several occasions that he does not want to create an interim title for the middleweight division. Lets see if the retirement threats change Dana Whites mind.