The winner of TUF 26 will be the new women’s flyweight champion.

TUF 26 just became interesting. The Winner of the 26th season of The Ultimate Fighter will be crowned as the women’s new flyweight champion. This will be the 4th women’s division in the UFC.

It looks like all the women on the UFC roster can throw their name in the hat for consideration, and those who are not. The try outs are some time at the end of May.

The current season of The Ultimate Fighter is a season featuring redemption. With another season of TUF already planned, It’s good to see that those old rumors of TUF possibly going off the air were false.

The Ultimate Fighter has been going strong for years, introducing us to all kinds of top talent. It’s been a great platform for fighters to showcase what they can do and work their way to a contract, or a championship.

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