Mike Tyson accepts Jake Paul’s challenge to Box.

Infamous YouTube Celebrity and undefeated boxer- Jake Paul recently said he’s looking to box again in August and threw the former heavyweight champions name out as a possible opponent.

Jake is currently 4-0 in boxing- having defeated Basketball player- Nate Robinson by KO. Former wrestler and mma fighter Ben Askren by KO and former UFC champion Tyron Woodley twice by KO and decision.

The 55 year old- Mike Tyson revealed he would agree to fight The 25 year old and urged the Celebrity to come to terms because Mike believes it would be a big payday.

“Hell yeah [I’d do it], only to break the record.” Tyson said

“Jake Paul believe it not is more profitable than the champs, this guy probably brings about 80million people to the table.”

“Let’s do it Jakey, God wouldn’t that be cool.”

Tyson in November 2020 came out of retirement for a exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr, 53, which ended in a suspicious draw that Tyson dominated, but noticeably wasn’t throwing in kill shots, making it clear this exhibition wasn’t a kill fight. Outside of this exhibition Tyson hasn’t fought since 2005- a loss.

Mike Tyson Agrees to Fight Jake Paul in big $ boxing match

Could youth help Paul prevail over the 55 year old former world champ?

Mike Tyson accepts Jake Paul’s challenge for a big $ fight

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