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Controversy? UFC 274 fighters claim weigh in scale was a half pound off


Controversy with the weigh in scale? By now everyone knows that UFC lightweight champion- Charles Oliveira missed weight by only half a pound, which has resulted in him being stripped of his championship. But there may be more to the story.

TV Globo’s Evy Rodriguez said several fighters were complaining about this in a Twitter post. Apparently someone had tried to switch the pre-weigh in scale, which is suppose to be equally calibrated to the official scale, to kilograms and when it was switched back to pounds in was uncalibrated.

The only other fighter on the card missed weight was Norma Dumont, who also weighed in half a pound over the women’s featherweight non-title limit at 146.5. UFC strawweight competitor Ariane Carnelossi also took to Twitter as well to discuss the scale controversy. And according to her she wasn’t told about the weight difference until they were already walking out to weigh.

Now, despite this Charles did have an extra 1 hour to weigh in on weight and wasn’t able to do so, so it’s possible that this had no effect on him. But it’s also possible he believed himself to be on weight much earlier than what he was, and cost himself precious time to hit the correct weight.

“I made weight in the UFC scale on Thursday night, I did not consume anything, no water no food, nothing. I swear to God in the name of my daughter, the most sacred thing in my life” Charles Oliveira comments on missing weight
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